Page 37 - WaterSense at Work

October 2012
WaterSense® program and EPA and the U.S. Energy Department’s ENERGY STAR®
have emerged to help facilities more easily implement water-efficient practices, tech-
nologies, and products that go above and beyond the standards. Many water and
energy utilities also offer rebates for water- and energy-efficient products, which can
increase a project’s cost-effectiveness. Facility managers can use this document as a
starting point for finding information regarding the codes, standards, voluntary pro-
grams, and product rebates in order to better manage and more strategically employ
successful water-efficiency measures and practices.
Section 2: Water Use Monitoring and Education of WaterSense at Work
provides specific
guidance on:
Metering and submetering
Leak detection and repair
User education and facility outreach
Codes, standards, and voluntary programs for water efficiency
Introduction to Water Use Monitoring and Education