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WaterSense at Work: Best Management Practices for Commercial and Institutional Facilities
A.7 Hospital Installs Water-Efficient
Laboratory and Medical Equipment
Case Study Highlights
Facility type:
Olympia, Washington
Potential occupancy:
Building size:
gross square feet
Project summary:
Providence St. Peter Hospital retrofitted its steam sterilizers
to make themmore water-efficient; eliminated water used to cool air
compressors and waste gas anesthesia pumps; and made other water-efficiency
improvements to address sanitary fixture, mechanical system, and outdoor
water use.
Water savings:
million gallons of water in total over 10 years, or
approximately 5.9 million gallons per year once retrofits were completed
Cost savings:
$1.5 million over 10 years, or approximately $140,000 per year
Simple payback:
Accounting for rebates and incentives, all of the implemen-
ted projects paid for themselves in less than 2 years
Project Summary
Providence St. Peter Hospital in Olympia, Washington, is a 340-bed, 750,000-square-
foot patient care facility. The hospital logs approximately 95,000 patient days per year
and employs 2,300 staff.
In Olympia, water rates increased 40 percent between 2000 and 2011. Realizing the
potential for saving both water and operating costs, Providence St. Peter Hospital began
identifying water-efficiency improvement projects as early as 1999. In 2001, the hospital
partnered with its mechanical contractor to perform a facility water assessment and
identify sources of water waste, focusing its initial efforts on
improving operations and maintenance. Providence St. Peter
maintenance staff analyzed irrigation systems, heating and
cooling systems, faucets, kitchen equipment, hydrotherapy
pool operations, and other potential sources of leaks and
made repairs where necessary.
Following the initial water assessment and leak detection
and repair phase, Providence St. Peter began the major
work of improving the efficiency of some of its medical
equipment, as well as equipment in restrooms, kitchens,
and mechanical spaces.
Providence St. Peter Hospital exterior