Page 282 - WaterSense at Work

WaterSense at Work: Best Management Practices for Commercial and Institutional Facilities
A.3 Hotel Installs Water-Efficient
Sanitary Fixtures
Case Study Highlights
Facility type:
San Antonio, Texas
Potential occupancy:
guest rooms
Building size:
gross square feet
Projet overview:
Through participation in the San Antonio Water System
SAWS) WaterSaver Hotel program in 2007, the Holiday Inn San Antonio
International Airport replaced its toilets and showerheads and installed high-
efficiency aerators on its faucets in all guest rooms.
Water savings:
million gallons of water per year
Energy savings:
kilowatt-hours of electricity per year
Cost savings:
$68,000 in water, sewer, and energy costs per year
Simple payback:
Less than 2 years
Exterior of the Holiday Inn San Antonio International Airport
Project Summary
As San Antonio continues to grow, water conservation
has become an important part of the city’s water
management planning. Recognizing that conservation
is more cost-effective than securing new water
sources, in 2007, San AntonioWater System (SAWS)
developed its WaterSaver Hotel program to work with
select hotels to retrofit bathroom fixtures and fittings.
The Holiday Inn San Antonio International Airport
hereafter referred to as the Holiday Inn) is a 236,000
square foot hotel with 397 guest rooms. Since its
construction in 1981, the hotel’s bathrooms had not
undergone major upgrades. When it heard of SAWS’
WaterSaver Hotel program, it was one of the first to
Through the program, SAWS paid for high-efficiency toilet, faucet, and showerhead
upgrades in all 397 guest rooms, including the cost of the fixtures and installation.
SAWS only required that specified toilets, showerheads, and faucet aerators were all
properly installed.