Page 243 - WaterSense at Work

October 2012
Glassware Washers
Cycle selection that allows users to optimize rinse cycles for both effective and
efficient cleaning.
Reuse of final rinse water as wash water for the next load, if appropriate.
Water intake monitoring to adjust the amount of water used based on load size.
Savings Potential
Water savings can be achieved by replacing an existing glassware washer with a
more efficient one. A glassware washer’s water use is dependent upon the amount
of water used during wash and rinse cycles, as well as the total number of cycles. A
replacement glassware washer can use less water per cycle through flow control and
allow users to select fewer cycles.
To estimate facility-specific water savings and payback, use the following information.
Current Water Use
To estimate the current water use of a glassware washer, identify the following infor-
mation and use Equation 7-9:
Average volume of water used during a full wash process. This might be provided
by the product manufacturer through product literature or the manufacturer’s
website. The water efficiency will be dependent upon the flow rate of each rinse
or wash cycle, duration of each cycle, and number of cycles. If the water use from
the full wash process is not available from the manufacturer, add up the water
use from each cycle to determine the water use from the full wash process.
Average number of wash processes per day.
Days of operation per year.
Equation 7-9. Water Use of GlasswareWasher (gallons per year)
=WashWater Use xWash Processes per Day x Days of Operation
Wash Water Use (gallons per wash)
Wash Processes per Day (washes per day)
Days of Operation (days of washer operation per year)
Water Use After Replacement
To estimate the water use of a more efficient replacement glassware washer, use
Equation 7-9, substituting the average volume of water used during a full wash
process of the replacement glassware washer. Efficient models can use less than 15
gallons during the full wash process. If the number of rinse cycles can be chosen,