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WaterSense at Work: Best Management Practices for Commercial and Institutional Facilities
Glassware Washers
Glassware washers are automated washing devices that remove chemical or other
particle buildup on laboratory glassware, such as pipettes, flasks, and graduated cylin-
ders. Glassware washers are often supplied with both potable and purified water. Puri-
fied water is typically used in the final rinse stages to ensure that no contaminants are
left on glassware surfaces. Potable water used during other wash or rinse stages might
be treated with a water softener to remove hard water, which can cause scale buildup.
Newer, more efficient glassware washers use pre-
cise flow control to reduce water use for each wash
and rinse cycle. Some also offer flexible program-
ming, allowing the user to adjust the incoming
water fill according to load size. Glassware washers
that allow users to choose the number of rinse
cycles or otherwise customize the washing and
rinsing program can help reduce water use.
Glassware washers are almost always a more wa-
ter-efficient method of washing when compared
to hand washing and rinsing of lab glassware.
Operation, Maintenance, and User Education
For optimum glassware washer efficiency, consider the following operation, main­
tenance, and user education tips:
Only run glassware washers when they are full. Fill each glassware washer rack to
maximum capacity.
Operate the glassware washer near or at the minimum flow rate recommended
by the manufacturer.
If the number of rinse cycles can be chosen, select as few rinse cycles as possible,
considering the cleanliness requirements of the glassware.
Retrofit Options
If appropriate given the intended use of the glassware, consider installing a water
recycling system that reuses rinse cycle wastewater as wash water in the next load.
Some systems are capable of treating rinse cycle wastewater before reusing it. Con-
sider the level of water quality needed before choosing a recycling option.
Replacement Options
When purchasing a new glassware washer or replacing an existing one, choose mod-
els with the following features: