Page 186 - WaterSense at Work

October 2012
Water Savings
According to the ICA’s study, vehicle wash facilities can reduce their freshwater use
by approximately 50 percent by using a water reclamation system. To calculate water
savings that can be achieved from retrofitting an existing vehicle wash system, iden-
tify the current water use (as calculated using Equation 5-1) and use Equation 5-2.
Equation 5-2. Water Savings FromVehicleWash System Retrofit (gallons per year)
= Current Water Use of VehicleWash System x Savings (0.5)
Current Water Use of Vehicle Wash System (gallons per year)
Savings (percent)
To calculate the simple payback from the water savings associated with the vehicle
wash system retrofit, consider the equipment and installation cost of the retrofit wa-
ter reclamation system, the water savings as calculated using Equation 5-2, and the
facility-specific cost of water and wastewater. Water reclamation systems might cost
$35,000 for equipment and installation.
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