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October 2012
Filter Cleaning
In addition to the operation and maintenance tips outlined in the previous section,
consider the following for optimum filter efficiency:
Install a pool filter pressure gauge. This will provide a means for determining
when filter cleaning is necessary (i.e., after a pressure increase of 5.0 to 10.0 psi).
Install a pool filter sight glass to provide a visual means for determining when
backwashing is complete and minimize the backwashing time.
If replacing existing filtration systems, consider installing cartridge filters for
small pools and spas, sorptive media filters for medium-sized pools, or industrial
filters for very large pools.
Mineral Buildup Control
To control mineral buildup, consider the following:
Install a reverse osmosis system to prolong the useful life of pool water and to
reduce the number of times that the pool must be drained in order to control the
concentration of dissolved solids.
Install a conductivity controller system to manage the concentration of dissolved
solids in the pool. This system will monitor the buildup of dissolved solids so
that at a predetermined level, a portion of the pool water can be drained and
replaced, rather than the entire volume. This also offers the added benefit of
providing a frequent source of water that can be used for irrigation or other pur-
poses. See
Section 8: Onsite Alternative Water Sources
for more information.
To reduce water loss from leaks, install a water meter to the pool’s make-up line.
This will provide a means for directly monitoring and tracking water use for signs of
potential leaks.
To reduce water loss from splashing, install pool gutter and grate systems along the
pool perimeter to mitigate drag-out losses during pool use.
Savings Potential
Significant water savings can be achieved through proper pool and spa operation
and maintenance and other water-efficient technologies. Following are a few ex-
amples of savings that can be realized from implementing water-efficient practices
or technologies in pools or spas:
Commercial Pool and Spa Equipment
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