Page 149 - WaterSense at Work

October 2012
Wash-Down Sprayers
Water Use After Replacement
To estimate the water use of a replacement pressure washer or water broom, use
Equation 4-24, substituting the flow rate of the water broom. Water brooms can use
as little as 2.0 gpm.
Pressure washers flow at similar flow rates using high water
Water Savings
To calculate the water savings that can be achieved from replacing an existing wash-
down sprayer with a pressure washer or water broom, use Equation 4-25.
To calculate the simple payback from the water savings associated with replacing the
wash-down sprayer with a pressure washer or water broom, consider the equipment
and installation cost of the replacement, the water savings as calculated using Equa-
tion 4-25, and the facility-specific cost of water and wastewater. Pressure washers
and water brooms typically cost $100.
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