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October 2012
Commercial Dishwashers
There are no federal standards limiting the water
or energy consumption of commercial dishwash-
ers. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
EPA) and the U.S. Energy Department’s (DOE’s) EN-
ERGY STAR® qualifies energy- and water-efficient
commercial dishwashers,
including undercounter,
stationary single-tank door-, and conveyor- (single-
and multi-stage tank-) type machines.
ENERGY STAR specifies that commercial dishwash-
ers demonstrate a maximum water consumption in
gallons per rack in order to qualify for the ENERGY
STAR. ENERGY STAR qualified commercial dish-
washers can reduce both energy and water use by
Operation, Maintenance, and User Education
For optimal commercial dishwasher efficiency, consider the following:
Only run dishwashers when they are full. Each dishwasher rack should be filled to
maximum capacity.
Educate staff to scrape dishes prior to loading the dishwasher.
Replace any damaged dishwasher racks.
Ensure that the final rinse pressure and water temperature are within the manu-
facturer’s recommendations.
Operate the dishwasher close to or at the minimum flow rate recommended by
the manufacturer. Set the rinse cycle time to the manufacturer’s minimum rec-
ommended setting and periodically verify that the machine continues to operate
with that rinse cycle time.
Turn off machines at night when not in use.
Make sure that manual fill valves close completely after the wash tank is filled.
Find and repair any leaks. Inspect valves and rinse nozzles for proper operation
and repair worn nozzles.
For conveyor-type machines, these further steps can be taken to ensure optimal
Install and/or maintain wash curtains. Wash curtains are able to retain heat within
the machine.
Ensure the rinse bypass drain is properly adjusted so that the wash tank is ad-
equately replenished during operation.
U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and U.S. Energy Department’s (DOE’s) ENERGY STAR. Commercial Dishwashers Key Product Criteria.
Rack conveyor-type dishwasher