Page 101 - WaterSense at Work

October 2012
exchanger, if possible. If eliminating single-pass cooling is not feasible, consider reus-
ing the cooling water for another application. See
Section 8: Onsite Alternative Water
for more information.
Replacement Options
When replacing an ice machine or installing a new one, ensure that the new model
is sized appropriately to fit the facility’s need. If the machine produces too large of
a yield, water will be wasted by producing unnecessary ice. Choose an ice machine
that is appropriate for the quality of ice needed. Producing ice of higher quality than
required will use water unnecessarily. Look for ENERGY STAR qualified models,
all of
which are air-cooled. Also consider air- or water-cooled ice machines that meet the
efficiency specifications outlined by the Consortium for Energy Efficiency.
If feasible,
consider selecting air-cooled flake or nugget ice machines, which use less water and
energy than cubed ice machines.
Savings Potential
A facility will see varying levels of water savings, depending upon whether it is re-
placing an existing air-cooled ice machine or an existing water-cooled model.
The Food Service Technology Center has a life cycle and energy cost calculator, which
can be used to calculate the savings potential from replacing many types of commer-
cial kitchen equipment, including commercial ice machines.
To estimate facility-specific water savings and payback, the facility can also use the
following information.
Air-Cooled Ice Machine Replacement
ENERGY STAR qualified ice machines are, on average, 15 percent more energy-
efficient and 10 percent more water-efficient than standard air-cooled models. Total
savings depend upon the type of machine selected.
Use ENERGY STAR’s commercial kitchen equipment savings calculator
to estimate
facility-specific water, energy, and cost savings for replacing an existing ice machine
with an ENERGY STAR qualified model.
Water-Cooled Ice Machine Replacement
A facility will see the most water savings from replacing a water-cooled ice machine
with an air-cooled model. When replacing an ice machine, select an ENERGY STAR
qualified model.
Commercial Ice Machines
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