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Economics and Cost Analysis Support

Models & Tools

OAQPS has developed a number of models and tools to conduct cost, benefit, emission growth factors, and economic impact analyses.

Cost Analysis Models/Tools – provides access to control strategy and costing tools such as ControlNET, Air Compliance Advisor (ACA), Control Strategy Tool (CoST), and the Control Costing spreadsheet as well as the EPA Air Pollution Control Cost Manual.

Economic Analysis Models/Tools – provides access to the Elasticity databank, FAST tool (a small business and economic impact screening tool) and documentation, sector-specific partial equilibrium models, and the EMPAX model (a CGE model used to examine regional impacts of air regulations) and documentation.

Benefits Analysis Models/Tools – provides access to the Environmental Benefits Mapping and Analysis program (BenMAP) and its user manual and documentation.

Emission Growth Factors Models/Tools – provides access to the Economic Growth Analysis System Version 5.0 (EGAS 5.0) tool, user manual, and documentation. Comments can be sent to sorrels.larry@epa.gov

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