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CHIEF Archive Search Help

Search Help

Multiple words entered in the Title or Keyword field will be searched for as a phrase. Boolean operators, such as and, or, not, do not apply. Keywords come from anywhere in the archive record.

Mineral yearbook will find Mineral Yearbook. Mineral and yearbook or yearbook mineral will result in 0 hits.

Words entered in the Partial Word field will retrieve anything that contains what you entered anywhere within a record.

oil = oil, boiler, etc...

Asterisk (*) or question mark (?) substitute for a string of characters of any length in the Title or Keyword field.

pollu* = pollution, polluter, polluters, polluting

Words in the Whole Word field retrieve records with that specific word.

mineral = mineral, not minerals.

The Exact Match field works with the AP-42 section numbers.

1.2 = AP-42 section 1.2, not 11.2.

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