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Air Emissions Factors and Quantification

AP 42 Section 15.8 Signals and Simulators
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Supporting data for the emissions factors are summarized in the background report and are presented more completely in the zipped Microsoft Excel® workbooks below. Each zipped file corresponds to a subsection within Section 15.8.


July 2009
Section 15.8.22, M9 Liquid Projectile Air Burst Simulator
ZIP 470K
June 2008
Section 15.8.8, M22 Anti-Tank Guided Missile and Rocket Launching Simulator
Section 15.8.16, M206 Aircraft Countermeasure Flare
Section 15.8.21, M72 Red Railroad Warning Fusee
ZIP 1.5M
November 2007
Section 15.8.17, L592, the TOW Blast Simulator
Section 15.8.19, L709, the M25 Target-hit Simulator
ZIP 940K
June 2007
15.8.7 DODIC L366, M74A1 Air Burst Projectile Simulator
15.8.18 L709, M25 Target-Hit Simulator
15.8.20 DODIC L720 M25 Target Kill Simulator
15.8.1 L305, M195 Green Star Parachute Signal Flare ZIP 890K
15.8.2 L306, M158 Red Star Cluster Signal Flare ZIP 870K
15.8.3 L307, M159 White Star Cluster Signal Flare ZIP 870K
15.8.4 L311, M126A1 Red Star Parachute Signal Flare ZIP 850K
15.8.5 L312, M127A1 White Star Parachute Signal Flare ZIP 860K
15.8.6 L314, M125A1 Green Star Cluster Signal Flare ZIP 370K
15.8.9 L495, M49A1 Surface Trip Flare ZIP 970K
15.8.10 L594, M115A2 Ground Burst Simulator ZIP 1M
15.8.11 L596, M110 Flash Artillery Simulator ZIP 1.2M
15.8.12 L598, M117 Flash Booby Trap Simulator ZIP 900K
15.8.13 L599, M118 Illuminating Booby Trap Simulator ZIP 700K
15.8.14 L600, M119 Whistling Booby Trap Simulator ZIP 900K
15.8.15 L601, M116A1 Hand Grenade Simulator ZIP 1.7M

AP 42 Emissions Factors by Chapter

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