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Air Emissions Factors and Quantification

AP 42 Section 15.4 Final Projectiles, Canisters, and Charges
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Supporting data for the emissions factors are summarized in the background report and are presented more completely in the zipped Microsoft Excel® workbooks below. Each zipped file corresponds to a subsection in Section 15.4.

15.4.1: D505, M485A2 155-mm Illumination Round ZIP 850K
15.4.3 DODIC D533, M119A2 155-mm Propelling Charge, Zone 7
15.4.4 DODIC D540, M3 and M3A1 155-mm Propelling Charges
15.4.5 DODIC D541, M4A2 155-mm Propelling Charge, Zone 7
ZIP 1.2M

AP 42 Emissions Factors by Chapter

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