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Air Emissions Factors and Quantification

AP 42 Section 15.1 Small Cartridges < 30 mm
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Supporting data for the emissions factors are summarized in the background report and are presented more completely in the zipped Microsoft Excel® workbooks below. Each zipped file corresponds to a subsection within Section 15.1.

February 2008
Section 15.1.3, A017, the 12 Gage #9 Shot Cartridge
Section 15.1.26, A518, the M903 .50 Caliber SLAP Ball Cartridge
and the M962 .50 Caliber SLAP Tracer Cartridge.
ZIP 1.25M
November 2007
Section 15.1.1, A010, the M220 10 Gage Blank/Subcaliber Salute Cartridge.
Section 15.1.2, A011, the 12 Gage #00 Shot Cartridge.
Section 15.1.19, A218, the M25 .30 Caliber Tracer Cartridge.
Section 15.1.22, A365, the M181A1 14.5-mm Artillery Training Cartridge.
Section 15.1.23, A400, the M41 .38 Caliber Special Ball Cartridge.
Section 15.1.24, A403, the .38 Caliber Special Blank Cartridge.
Section 15.1.26, A518, the M903 .50 Caliber SLAP Ball Cartridge.
Section 15.1.30, A652, the M220 20-mm Target Practice Tracer Cartridge.
ZIP 3.3M
September 2006
15.1.27 DODIC A525, the M2 .50 Caliber Armor Piercing Cartridge,
15.1.31 DODIC A940, the M910 25-mm Target Practice Discarding Sabot Tracer Cartridge
15.1.32 DODIC A976, the M793 25-mm Target Practice Tracer Cartridge
ZIP 1.2M
15.1.7 DODIC A066, M193 5.56-mm Ball Cartridge
15.1.8 DODIC A068, M196 5.56-mm Tracer Cartridge
15.1.13 DODIC A131, M62 7.62-mm Tracer Cartridge
15.1.14 DODIC A136, M118 7.62-mm Ball Match Cartridge
15.1.16 DODIC A171, M852 7.62-mm Ball Match Cartridge
15.1.17 DODIC A182, M1 .30 Caliber Ball Cartridge
15.1.18 DODIC A212, M2 .30 Caliber Ball Cartridge
15.1.20 DODIC A247, M72 .30 Caliber Ball Match Cartridge
ZIP 3.1M
15.1.4: A059, M855 5.56-mm Ball Cartridge ZIP 1.2M
15.1.5: A063, M856 5.56-mm Tracer Cartridge ZIP 370K
15.1.6: A065, M862 5.56-mm Practice Ball Cartridge ZIP 370K
15.1.9: A080, M200 5.56-mm Blank Cartridge ZIP 370K
15.1.10: A086, .22 Caliber Long Rifle Ball Cartridge ZIP 380K
15.1.11: A106, .22 Caliber Standard Velocity Long Rifle Ball Cartridge ZIP 370K
15.1.12: A111, M82 7.62-mm Blank Cartridge ZIP 370K
15.1.15: A143, M80 7.62-mm Ball Cartridge ZIP 370K
15.1.21: A363, M882 9-mm Ball Cartridge ZIP 370K
15.1.25: A475, M1911 .45 Caliber Ball Cartridge ZIP 370K
15.1.28: A557, M33 .50 Caliber Ball Cartridge and M17 .50 Caliber Tracer Cartridge ZIP 750K
15.1.29: A598, M1A1 .50 Caliber Blank Cartridge ZIP 360K

AP 42 Emissions Factors by Chapter

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