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Air Emissions Factors and Quantification

AP 42 Section 1.9 and 1.10 Residential Fireplaces and Residential Woodstoves
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The report, "Residential Wood Stove Technology Review, Volume I", December 1998, (PDF 138K) includes emissions factors and thermal efficiencies and is applicable to both fireplaces and woodstoves.

This report reviews the current states-of-the-art of residential wood combustion (RWC). The report reviews the technological status of all major RWC categories. The categories are cordwood stoves, fireplaces, masonry heaters, pellet stoves, and wood-fired central heating furnaces. The primary focus was the advances in technology achieved since the mid-1980's. In addition to RWC technology, several other related topics were reviewed. These topics included: (1) The evaluation of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) test methods for wood stoves, (2) The evaluation of in-home, long-term durability and emission performance of certified wood stoves, and, (3) The assessment of the effects of fuel wood types (tree species) and moisture on particulate emission factors. These study objectives were accomplished by reviewing the published literature and by interviewing nationally recognized RWC experts.

Volume II, of the report includes appendices (PDF 384K) for Residential Wood Combustion Literature, Summary of Expert Interviews, and Solid Fuel Committee of the Hearth Products Association Comments on Review Topics.

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