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MOBILE5 Mexico Emissions Model - Read me first

MOBILE5 Mexico Emissions Model

Read me first

Prepared 11/14/2002

This model was developed by ERG, Inc. with funding from the United States Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA), Office of Mobile Sources (OMS). (NOTE: OMS is now the Office of Transportation and Air Quality, or OTAQ).

The model is based on USEPA's MOBILE5a model. It incorporates motor vehicle emissions test data collected in Mexico (i.e., Mexico City, Aguascalientes, and Ciudad Juarez) and provides emission factors based on location (i.e., border-urban, border-rural, interior-urban, interior-rural, Mexico City).

The ZIP file contains the MOBILE5-Mexico emission factor model. The PDF file is the User's Guide in English (only the English version is available at this time).

ERG, Inc. Contact:
Paula G. Fields
Sacramento, CA USA
phone: 916-361-6751
fax: 916-361-6759

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