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Technical Basis for Appendices to Annex IV of the La Paz Agreement


Robert J. Blaszczak
Information Transfer Group
Mail Code E 143-03
RTP, NC 27711
Telephone: (919) 541-5432
FAX: (919) 541-0242

E-Mail: blaszczak.bob@epamail.epa.gov


This document outlines activities and issues pertaining to Annex IV of the La Paz Agreement between the United States and Mexico for Cooperation on the Environment. Annex IV deals specifically with air emissions of sulfur dioxide from primary and secondary smelters in the U.S.-Mexico border region. EPA commissioned the report and financed an independent contractor who verified the level of compliance of the sources affected by the Annex. The contractor's report suggested policy, administrative, and data gathering activities that could enhance the effectiveness of the Annex. This document includes the report and comments to the report provided by the EPA, the Government of Mexico and members of the private sector. Also enclosed is the resolution made by the Co-Chairs regarding this report after some public input at the May 1999 Air Workgroup meeting in Ensenada, Baja California.

Note: The EPA published this report through CICA because CICA provides the public with information on air quality in the U.S.-Mexico border area. While EPA published this report, it was not intended to be an EPA document. Instead, it was intended to be an independent assessment of Annex IV for consideration by the Air Workgroup and its participants.

A project abstract is available in English and in Spanish.


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