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Ambient Monitoring Technology Information Center (AMTIC)

National Air Monitoring Strategy Information

QA National Meeting Presentations
Tampa, FL, April 14-16, 2004

Description File Size Type
Does Pulsed Sampling Provide Good Estimates of Atmospheric Concentrations?-- Roger Carter/Debbie Lacroix 3.3MB
National Air Toxics Trends Stations Quality System-- Dennis Mikel 320KB
Region 4 Toxics Round Robin Results--Danny France 506KB
Contributions of Tribal Environmental Agencies to Quality Assurance in Environmental Monitoring--Melinda Ronca-Battista 1.06MB
Multi-Site Performance Evaluations of Candidate Methodologies for Determining Coarse Particulate Matter (Pmc) Concentrations--Bob Vanderpool 3.7MB
Data Quality Objective Development for the Coarse Particulate Matter (PMc) Standard--Mike Papp 1MB
New Quality Indicator Statistics for the Gaseous Criteria Pollutants--Basil Coutant 216KB
Status and Changes in EPA Infrastructure for Bias Traceability to NIST--Mark Shanis 2.3MB
2003 EPA Audit of Protocol Cylinder Gases--Joe Elkins/Bob Wright 32.9MB
NPEP through the Probe Demonstration--Greg Noah 7.12MB

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