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Ambient Monitoring Technology Information Center (AMTIC)

National Air Monitoring Strategy -
General Information

Description Date File Size Type
Background Information for 12/15/04 CASAC meeting 11/10/04 1.2 MB pdf icon
Advances in Air Quality Monitoring Brochure 07/01/04 280 KB pdf icon
CASAC Review of the Agency's National Ambient Air Strategy 02/25/04 280 KB pdf icon
National Ambient Air Monitoring Strategy Power Point Presentation 03/27/03 1.2 MB pdf icon
Sept. 6, 2002 Final Draft of the National Ambient Air Monitoring Strategy Document 09/06/02 3.5 MB pdf icon
Fact Sheet on the National Ambient Air Monitoring Strategy 09/09/02 20 KB pdf icon
Sept. 1, 2002 Final Draft Summary of the National Ambient Air Monitoring Strategy 09/04/02 17.3 MB pdf icon
April 30, 2002 memo from John Seitz on Support for the Monitoring Strategy 05/01/02 7 KB pdf icon
National Air Monitoring Strategy Outlook for the Future (brochure) 01/25/02 57 KB pdf icon
Listing of the Monitoring Strategy Committee members 04/26/01 9 KB pdf icon
DRAFT CURRENT VERSION Goals and Objectives of Monitoring Strategy 06/26/01 75 KB pdf icon
DRAFT Table Network Objectives & Relative Investment Priorities Across Pollutant Programs 06/26/01 17 KB pdf icon
DRAFT Goals and Objectives of the Strategy 04/19/01 23 KB pdf icon
DRAFT Outline of the Monitoring Strategy 04/19/01 11 KB pdf icon

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