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Supersite data will be submitted by each project/investigator to two databases: the NARSTO Permanent Data Archive (PDA), and the Supersite Integrated Relational Database (SIRD).

The NARSTO PDA, as the name suggests, is a long-term (essentially 'permanent') data repository where the Supersites data can be publicly accessed for many years. To foster integration of data management activities among the Supersites, and to conduct advanced planning for data archiving, each Phase II Supersite has identified a Data Management Coordinator who participates in a working group. Key results from this working group, as well as currently available data, are accessible at the NARSTO Quality Systems Science Center. Exit EPA disclaimer

The SIRD is a relatively short-term (3-5 years) endeavor aimed at providing atmospheric and health researchers access to a "... large-scale database system complete with functions for versatile, user friendly access; comprehensive data import; user/data provider logging, and user administration function." The types of data to be included therein (covering all or a portion of the period 06/28/01 - 07/31/02) are presented in EPA's PM-2.5 Supersites Program Measurements Comparison Table (PDF) , which delineates the measurements taken during the Eastern Supersites Program Summer (2001) Intensive (PDF). Note that the SIRD will include data not only from each EPA Supersite Project, but other related ambient measurement programs, as well.

The SIRD website will exist as a 'work in progress' (i.e., various stages of development) until March/April of 2003. Exit EPA disclaimer In the interim, a representative sampling of the referenced data are available via an FTP link provided at the SIRD website. These data, and other information available on this EPA website (see in particular "Supersites Project Information), may be useful to prospective applicants ressponding to the data analysis portion of the National Center for Environmental Research PM Implementation STAR Grant Request For Applications.

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