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Ambient Monitoring Technology Information Center (AMTIC)

Sunset OC/EC Evaluation Project

In an effort to move towards continuous, higher time resolution sampling and reduce the need for expensive, time consuming, filter based sampling, OAQPS is committed to the evaluation of new, continuous monitoring technologies for implementation at routine monitoring networks.  For this reason, the AAMG purchased eight Sunset Semi-Continuous OC/EC instruments for deployment to monitoring agencies. The primary objectives of this Evaluation Project are to evaluate Sunset instrument performance in various locations and conditions, determine how well the Sunset compares with the URG 3000N and the Aethalometer, and determine if integration of the Sunset OC/EC instrument across a larger number of sites is appropriate for long-term monitoring in the CSN.

Sunset Carbon Evaluation Project Quality Assurance Project Plan (QAPP) (PDF) (316pp, 9.2 MB) - Sept 27, 2011

Sunset Manual (PDF) (96pp, 1.6 MB)

Draft SOP for the Analysis of OC/EC Using the Sunset Laboratory Semi-Continuous Carbon Aerosol Analyzer (PDF) (24pp, 1.1 MB) - March 2, 2012


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