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Ambient Monitoring Technology Information Center (AMTIC)

Presentations from Spatial Data Analysis Technical Exchange Workshop - December 3-5, 2001

Electronic versions of the presentations made at the December 3-5 workshop are available below. To access individual presentation materials, please click on the PDF icon.

Description Bytes Type
Workshop Agenda 9431 pdf icon
List of Registrants 15454 pdf icon
Monday Morning, Dec. 3 Session
Regulatory Needs for Spatial Analysis (Joe Paisie) 3356430 pdf icon
Network Design - Puget Sound Application (Steve Bortnick)
334802 pdf icon
Network Design - S-PLUS Data Interface (Doug Nychka)
753630 pdf icon
Network Design - Spatial Interpolation Approaches (Montserrat Fuentes)
102691 pdf icon
Network Optimization(Paul Sampson)
83469 pdf icon
Concentration Fields - Positive Matrix Factorization (Pentti Paaatero & Phil Hopke)
1426107 pdf icon
Concentration Fields - Hierarchical Approach (Mark Berliner & Steve Bortnick)
334982 pdf icon
Monday Afternoon, Dec. 3 Statistical Monitoringof Concentration Fields Session
Hierarchical Techniques (Mark Berliner & Steve Bortnick)
20497 pdf icon
Principal Component Analysis (Brian Eder)
17318173 pdf icon
Positive Matrix Factorization - Interpretation of Fields (Pentti Paatero & Phil Hopke) 216063 pdf icon
1014334 pdf icon
996731 pdf icon
Inter-annual Comparison of Positive Matrix Factorization Results (Kurt Paterson)
645581 pdf icon
Tuesday Morning, Dec. 4 Spatial Prediction and Network Optimization Session
Overview of National Network Assessment (Mark Schmidt, Rich Scheffe & Rudy Husar)
25797437 pdf icon
Regional Network Assessment (Mike Rizzo & Motria Poshyvanyk)
626908 pdf icon
Uses for Spatial Fields (Al Cimorelli)
4304511 pdf icon
Network Selection Using Entropy (Montserrat Fuentes)
1379729 pdf icon
Optimum Network Design by Inhomogenuous MCMC Simulation (Maria de Iorio)
653123 pdf icon
Tuesday Afternoon, Dec. 4 Spatial Prediction and Network Optimization Session
Dynamic Assessment - adding/removing sites (Doug Nychka)
354856 pdf icon
Network Design Using Pareto Optimality Methods (Paul Sampson)
429478 pdf icon
Mixing Continuous and FRM Sites (Steve Bortnick)
360499 pdf icon
Wednesday Morning, Dec. 5-- Review of Techniques and Potential Applications
Moderated Open Discussion on Integration of Techniques, Applications of Techniques (especially in regulatory setting), and Future Enhancements (Shelly Eberly & Dave Holland). Material Not Available -- Discussion Only.
Possible Improvements to Techniques and How to Make Them Available to Others (All Presenters). Material not Available.

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