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Ambient Monitoring Technology Information Center (AMTIC)

National Air Monitoring Strategy Information

QA National Meeting Presentations
San Diego, CA April 11-14, 2005

Description Bytes Type
Changes and Improvements in the Ambient Air Quality Monitoring Program Quality System -- Michael Papp 536KB
Guidance for a New Era of Ambient Air Monitoring -- Anna Kelley 52KB
Environmental Monitoring Quality Assurance in Indian Country -- M. Ronca-Battista 1.2MB
Scalable QAPP IT Solution for Air Monitoring Programs -- Cammile Drouin 889KB
National Air Toxics QA System and Results of the QA Assessment -- Dennis Mikel 584KB
Technical System Audits (TSAs) and Instrument Performance Audits (IPAs) of the National Air Toxics Trends Stations (NATTS) and Supporting Laboratories -- Shannon Stetzer Biddle 2.6MB
Interlaboratory Comparison of Ambient Air Samples -- Charles Pearson 145KB
Developing Criteria for Equivalency Status for Continuous PM2.5 Samplers -- Basil W. Coutant 1.6MB
Trace Gas Monitoring for Support of the National Air Monitoring Strategy -- Dennis Mikel 59KB
Comparison of the Proposed Versus Current Approach to Estimate Precision and Bias for Gaseous Automated Methods for the Ambient Air Monitoring Program -- Louise H. Camalier 116KB
Introduction to the IMPROVE Program's New Interactive Web-based Data Validation Tools -- Linsey Debell 1.4MB
The Role of QA in Determination of Effects of Shipping Procedures for PM2.5 Speciation Filters -- Dennis Crumpler 42KB
Status and Changes in EPA Infrastructure for Bias Traceability to NIST -- Mark Shanis 497KB
Use of Through the Probe Laboratory at Sites with Higher Sample Flow Demands -- Avraham Teitz 5.2MB

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