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Ambient Monitoring Technology Information Center (AMTIC)

PAMS Guidance Documents

Analysis of Photochemical Assessment Monitoring Station (PAMS) Data to Evaluate a Reformulated Gasoline (RFG) Effect (PDF) (527kb, about PDF) - April 1998 - EPA's Office of Mobile Sources commissioned a contractor to look at PAMS data to investigate if changes in ambient VOC levels were related to the introduction of reformulated gas in 1995. The report concluded that there is a . strong case' that a reduction in ambient benzene was related to the reduction of benzene in fuel and that other species, such as aromatics, may also have been significantly reduced. These findings are consistent with observations in EPA's "National Air Quality and Emissions Trends Reports" for both 1995 and 1996.

Photochemical Assessment Monitoring Stations (PAMS) Performance Evaluation Program (PDF) (636kb, about PDF) - Final Report. June 1997. - In addition to the National Performance Audit Program (NPAP) for PAMS, a Performance Evaluation (PE) Study was performed during the 1995 PAMS season. The PE study goals were to estimate the bias and precision from the results using a laboratory-prepared VOC standard and provide rapid feedback to PAMS in order to resolve analytical issues in a timely manner. This report provides the results, conclusions and recommendations from the PE study.

Summer 1997 in Perspective (PDF) (471kb, about PDF) - November 1997 - This report assesses the severity of the summer 1997 ozone season to provide an historical (climatological) perspective. It also identifies and documents the meteorological conditions associated with high ozone events during the summer.

Technical Guidance - Pamsgrams


Description Date Bytes Type
Final Revised VOC Target List (PDF file) 10/02/17 632038 pdf icon
Introductory TO-11A Webinar (MOV file) 09/08/17 23186 MOV icon
Introductory Auto-GC Webinar (MOV file) 06/28/17 128375 MOV icon
Markes,Agilent Auto GC Webinar (WMV file) 12/14/16 91742 WMV icon
CAS Chromatotec Auto GC Webinar (WMV file) 11/16/16 181261 WMV icon
Perkin Elmer Auto GC Webinar (WMV file) 11/15/16 142965 WMV icon
PAMS Required Sites Quality Assurance Implementation Plan 10/13/16 1112 Zip file icon
List of 54 PAMS target compounds listed in their elution sequence 05/11/03 23186 Zip file icon
ZIPped file containing Ozone and Carbonyl Data in 1996 at PAMS sites 08/31/00 1285000 Zip file icon
Copy of EPA's J. David Mobley, EMAD Acting Director, 09/29/99 memorandum regarding "Reporting Times for PAMS Samples" 10/04/99 15251 pdf icon
Technical Assistance Document (TAD) for Sampling and Analysis of Ozone Precursors; EPA/600-R-98/161; September 1998. This document is in Adobe bookmark format. 02/23/99 3817018 pdf icon
Photochemical Assessment Monitoring Stations (PAMS) Issue Summary-October 6, 1998. This document contains information compiled by a work group of EPA and Regional EPA staff involved in PAMS implementation. The role of the work group was to discuss and identify issues related to PAMS and identify goals related to each issue. 10/08/98 41014 pdf icon
PAMS Implementation Manual (part-a), EPA-454/B-93-051, March 1994 (posted in 3 parts; part-a pages 1-200, part-b pages 201-400, part-c pages 401-576) 05/18/99 9747800 pdf icon
PAMS Implementation Manual (part-b), EPA-454/B-93-051, March 1994 (posted in 3 parts; part-b pages 201-400) 05/18/99 8121407 pdf icon
PAMS Implementation Manual (part-c), EPA-454/B-93-051, March 1994 (posted in 3 parts; part-c pages 401-576) 05/18/99 6884359 pdf icon
ZIP file containing TECHASIS.ZIP and OZREG92.TXT 02/09/95 429050 Zip file icon
Demo of EPA Region III PAMS Data Program 06/07/94 122904 Zip file icon

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