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National Air Monitoring Strategy -
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Ambient Air Monitoring Strategy for State, Local, and Tribal Air Agencies

This document presents an Ambient Air Monitoring Strategy (AAMS) for State, Local, and Tribal (SLT) air agencies. This document updates the broader, SLT-oriented material from the December 2005 version of the National Ambient Air Monitoring Strategy (NAAMS). The material in this document differs from the material in the December 2005 NAAMS document in a few substantive ways:

The discussion in this document of the history, process, and rationale for various strategic decisions is not as detailed as that in the April 2004 or December 2005 versions of the NAAMS. This document is narrower in scope, focusing primarily on criteria pollutant monitoring and the other more urban-oriented monitoring programs for SLT air agencies. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA) specific strategy with regard to some monitoring programs remains in a formative stage (e.g., National Ambient Air Quality Standards review outcomes, or monitoring for ammonia). Thus, in those instances, this version of the Strategy may focus more on potential outcomes or broad goals and objectives rather than on specific strategic plans.

Since this document does not cover the full scope of ambient air monitoring programs in which EPA plays a role, EPA expects to develop a larger, fully comprehensive NAAMS in the coming year. The comprehensive NAAMS is intended address overall air quality management in the U.S., including both monitoring and modeling objectives, covering regulatory and nonregulatory, health-based, rural, and ecosystem-level monitoring objectives.

Note that even after finalizing this particular document and the full-scoped NAAMS, EPA envisions that it will revise these documents as monitoring needs evolve, and EPA adjusts its strategy to address emerging air quality topics, technological advances, and other implementation issues.

12/22/08 1.3MB pdf icon
December 2005 Draft Version of the National Ambient Air Monitoring Strategy. Comments are being accepted via email to Watkins.Nealson@epa.gov 01/10/06 1.4MB pdf icon
April 2004 Draft Version of the National Ambient Air Monitoring Strategy 04/29/04 1.5MB pdf icon
ADDENDUM - Response to Comments of April 2004 Document 04/29/04 97KB pdf icon
ADDENDUM to April 2004 - Final Draft National Monitoring Strategy Air Toxics Component 08/07/04 331KB pdf icon

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