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Ambient Monitoring Technology Information Center (AMTIC)

Monitoring Regulations

EPA issues final changes to ambient monitoring requirements
March 10, 2016 – This final rule revises monitoring regulations to update requirements as needed to address new technology, and to reorganize and clarify quality assurance sections of the monitoring rules. 

EPA proposes changes to ambient monitoring requirements including quality assurance
August 13, 2014.  EPA issued proposed revisions to ambient air monitoring requirements for criteria pollutants that would clarify existing requirements to reduce the compliance burden of monitoring agencies operating ambient networks. This proposal focuses on reorganizing and clarifying quality assurance requirements, simplifying and reducing data reporting and certification requirements, clarifying the annual monitoring network plan public notice requirements, revising certain network design criteria for non source-oriented lead monitoring, and addressing other issues in part 58 Ambient Air Quality Surveillance Requirements.

Particulate Matter

2012 - EPA Revises the National Ambient Air Quality Standards for Particle Pollution
December 14, 2012.  This final rule includes both ambient air monitoring and NAAQS changes in one rule.

Final Rule:

Proposed Rule:

2006 - EPA Finalizes Amendments to its National Air Quality Monitoring Requirements
September 28, 2006.  This final rule includes changes to PM2.5 monitoring associated with the NAAQS review as well as changes to ambient air monitoring and quality assurance requirements associated with the National Ambient Air Monitoring Strategy.  Revisions to the PM NAAQS are provided in a separate rule.

Final Rule:

Proposed Rule:

1997 - EPA Finalizes Revised Requirements for Designation of Reference and Equivalent Methods for PM2.5 and Ambient Air Quality Surveillance for Particulate Matter
July 18, 1997 - EPA has revised the ambient air quality surveillance regulations to include provisions for PM2.5 (particulate matter with an aerodynamic diameter less than or equal to a nominal 2.5 micrometers), as measured by a new reference method being published in 40 CFR part 50, Appendix L, or by an equivalent method designated in accordance with requirements being promulgated in 40 CFR Part 53.  Part 50 revisions, including the PM2.5 FRM, are included in the Final PM NAAQS Rule.

Final Rules:

Proposed Rules:

Ground-level Ozone

Revisions to Ozone Monitoring Network Design Requirements
July 8, 2009 – The Environmental Protection Agency has proposed revisions to ground-level ozone air quality monitoring network design requirements. The proposed revisions would support changes to the primary and secondary national air quality standards for ozone that EPA issued in March 2008.


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Carbon Monoxide

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Nitrogen Dioxide

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Sulfur Dioxide

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