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SO2 Data Analysis and Monitoring Activities

Note: EPA no longer updates this information, but it may be useful as a reference or resource.

"Relevant Documents"

Description Date Bytes Type
5-Minute SO2 Raw Data 02/22/01 3170000 Zip file icon
Federal Register notice, "National Ambient Air Quality Standards for Sulfur Oxides (Sulfur Dioxide); Availability of Information" 01/09/01 133000 pdf icon
Draft Document,"Preliminary Analysis of 5-Minute Maximum Ambient SO2 Concentrations." This pdf file contains the entire report including the data files that are listed below. 01/09/01 2078000 pdf icon
Data files (in Microsoft Excel format) for the Draft Document, "Preliminary Analysis of 5-Minute Maximum Ambient SO2 Concentrations 01/09/01 543000
DRAFT DOCUMENT -- Guideline Document for Ambient Monitoring of 5-minute SO2Concentrations 12/20/00 pdf icon

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