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1997 Proposed PM and O3 NAAQS Information

Note: EPA no longer updates this information, but it may be useful as a reference or resource.

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EPA proposed new standards for ozone and PM in November 1996, and after extensive public comment, issued new, updated ozone and PM standards on July 16, 1997.


Description Date Bytes Type
"Guidance for Network Design and Optimum Site Exposure for PM2.5 and PM10" Draft Document #3 : Caution - Large file! 11-18-97 3203992 pdf icon
Proposed revision to Lead NAAQS (40CFR58) 10-31-97 16272 pdf icon
Revision to Lead NAAQS Will be final 15 days after comment period ends if no adverse comments are received. 10-31-97 102023 pdf icon
PM2.5 Training Information 10-7-97 10018 pdf icon
National PM2.5 Speciation Program Overview,Objectives, Requirements, and Approach 10-1-97 8929 pdf icon
Final Ozone NAAQS 7-18-97 242616 pdf icon
Final Particulate Matter NAAQS 7-18-97 1373408 pdf icon
Particulate Matter Monitoring Requirements 7-18-97 782724 pdf icon
Supplemental Information and Request for Comments; PM2.5 Federal Reference Method 7-21-97 8700 pdf icon
Field test Results - prototype of proposed PM2.5 Federal Reference Method 3-26-97 20583 Zip file icon
Federal Register Notice of Availability for possible design changes to PM2.5 Sampler (40CFR50 Appendix L) 3-10-97 16445 pdf icon
(There is no Part I of the proposed rule.)
Proposed PM NAAQS (12/13/96) 1-22-97 1358807 pdf icon
Proposed O3 NAAQS (12/13/96) 1-22-97 311246 pdf icon
Proposed Interim Implementation Policy for PM and O3 NAAQS (12/13/96) 1-22-97 81413 pdf icon
Proposed Implementation of PM and O3 NAAQS and Regional Haze Regulations (12/13/96) 1-22-97 110733 pdf icon
Proposed Requirements for Designation of Reference and Equivalent Methods for PM2.5 (12/13/96) 1-22-97 2203544 pdf icon
1/14/97 Federal Register Notice of Revisions to Part VI of Proposed PM and O3 NAAQS 1-28-97 185803 pdf icon

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