AQS Patch for May 2015

AQS has been updated as follows:

  1. Maintain Monitor Methods: There was a problem with this form, where it would update the method code for all blanks data when a monitor method was changed. (i.e. Blanks Data methods would be changed outside of the date range of the monitor-method.) This problem has been fixed, and all of the blanks data methods have been fixed to agree with the monitor methods.
  2. PM Monitor Required Collection Frequency Offset:  For sites where multiple filter-based monitors are combined to achieve a more frequent site collection (e.g. two 1-in-6 samplers are alternated every 3 days to achieve a 1-in-3 site frequency), AQS now supports a Required Collection Frequency (RCF) offset, to identify the scheduled days for the non-primary monitors.  Example:  If the primary monitor is operating on the days specified in the sampling scheduling calendar for 1-in-6 sampling, and the non-primary monitor is operating 3 days later on a 1-in-6 schedule, then the RCF offset can be used to identify the scheduled days for the non-primary monitor.  The RCF offset can now be defined both the Maintain Monitor form and the batch MF transaction.  Please note however, it is not yet utilized for summary and design value calculations (coming soon). Also note, support for RCF Offset will also be included in a revision to the AQS XML schema, which is in progress.
  3. POC for PEP QA Assessments:  The use of POC with QA PEP assessments is now deprecated.  If it is provided on the transaction, a warning will be issued and the value will be ignored.  PEP assessments will automatically be paired with the primary monitor at the site on the date of the transaction.