AQS Patch for March 2015

The following issues have been fixed in this release:

  1. Method Data Correction:  As was reported last month (Feb. 2015), the Maintain Monitor Method form had allowed the monitor method to be changed without a corresponding change to the Raw, QA, and Blanks data.  The fix to the form in the February patch prevented this from occurring again, and a data correction has now been run so that the Raw, QA, and Blanks data is now consistent with the monitor method.
  2. Maintain Monitor Method: When a method code - date range was modified on the form, all prior monitor methods were being validated; this caused problems where a prior method was no longer active; i.e. an inactive old method would prevent a new valid method from being modified or added. This has been fixed.
  3. Load Raw Data:  For XML submissions, QA qualifiers were being loaded multiple times for raw data record.  (i.e. One qualifier was submitted, but the data showed up in AQS with the qualifier 10 times.)  This has been fixed.
  4. Load Monitor Metadata:  Files with more than about 300 monitor metadata transactions (M*) would fail but no error would be reported.  This problem has been fixed.
  5. Names of files submitted from the Exchange Network:  Previously, files that contained an apostrophe would not be accepted by AQS; these are now accepted.

The following enhancements have been made to AQS:

  1. Certification Form:  The Certification Form will now allow data to be retrieved using Site Number.  (Previously, you could retrieve data by State and County, but not for just one site.)
  2. The processing speed of the Load Raw Data process and the Load Report have been improved.