AQS Patch for April 2015

AQS has been updated as follows:

  1. Certification Report (AMP600):  1-Point QC Completeness:  The prior patch that supported site-specific Ozone monitoring seasons (Mar. 30) broke the completeness calculation using Monitor Sample Periods.  This has been fixed -- both Ozone seasons and Sample Periods will be used to determine 1-Point QC completeness.
  2. Data Quality Indicator Report (AMP256):
    1. For PM 10:   Site counts for collocation completeness now only includes sites with manual-method monitors.
    2. For PM 2.5:  For site counts by method, only methods at primary monitors are included.
  3. Quick Look Report (AMP450):  Previously, AMP450 would allow the user to select a duration code for retrieval; Since the report shows the statistics for all primary standards, this caused the report to be empty if the duration associated with one of the standards to be excluded.  AMP450 no longer allows duration selection.
  4. The Admin menu has been reduced to a single-level menu (i.e. sub-menus have been removed and items moved up).
  5. The Batch form will now show all Exchange Network submissions that reach AQS, even if they fail before submission.  These are indicated with a status of "UPLOAD-FATAL".  If the file does not show up on the AQS Batch form, then it never reached the AQS server.  In these cases you will need to look the failure reason on the submitting Exchange Network node (e.g. the ENSC).