AQS Certification Evaluation Report (AMP600) Update

  1. The Ozone report (44201) previously did not rely on a site-specific Ozone Season. Instead it used the season for the county. This has been updated, it now uses a site specific season when one has been defined. (Note: Regional offices can define site- specific seasons as per 40 CFR Part 58 Appendix D Section 4.1 (i).)
  2. References to “Non-Regulatory” monitors have been replaced with references to “Excluded” monitors.
  3. When determining if the QAPP is less than 10 years old it will only look at the QAPP year.
  4. For PM 2.5 where multiple filter-based monitors are used to provide every-day or every 3rd day sampling, AQS reported the monitors as incomplete, and not recommended for certification. The report displays site-level completeness for this case and use site-completeness for determining the AQS certification recommendation.