AQS Software Release Notes for May 22, 2012



Submit Automation software and webinar is available/ your ENSC user ID

Updating an Expired Password

Precision and Accuracy Data

Maintain Site

  1. Everyone should be using the new AQS URL

The AQS website link from the Web Application page now directs to the new URL, and the sunset date for the old URL is June 30, 2012.

Software updates are ONLY being applied to the “new” AQS environment at the new URL.

  1. The Submit Automation software has been deployed to the new AQS environment. Using the new software means you will transfer files to AQS using the ENSC. If you previously had a CDX account, we set up your ENSC account. Your ENSC user ID is your email address. For most users, your ENSC password = your CDX password. For some users, this was not possible, but you would have received an email from the ENSC with instructions.

If you missed the webinars about Submit Automation and how to use the ENSC, a recorded webinar (“Submit Automation Tutorial”) and slides are available at:

  1. Updating an Expired Password – can be done via the AQS Login form.

For the last year or so, if your AQS password had expired, you had to call the EPA Call Center. We updated the AQS Login form so that you can change an expired password here and then immediately login to AQS.

  1. Precision and Accuracy Data - duration for a monitor can change in a given year. Previously, Precision and Accuracy data for a monitor in a given year were restricted to be the same duration. Restriction removed because of problems when the FRM audit monitor had a 24-hour duration (duration 7) but the reporting agency monitor had an hourly duration (duration 1).

  1. Maintain Site – Generating Standard Coordinates from User-entered Coordinates. In January 2012, a bug was introduced to the Maintain Site form: Standard Coordinates were not updated when the User Coordinates were changed. (Note: Only Updates were affected, Inserts worked correctly.) This bug has been fixed, and all Site coordinate changes since January 2012 will be recomputed.

  1. 450/Quick Look Report for PM 2.5 –“Creditable Samples” now displayed on report. CFR determines completeness and 98th percentile by the number of Scheduled and Make-Up samples for the year ("Creditable Samples"), but the Quick Look report for PM 2.5 was displaying the total number of samples, including ones that should not count towards completeness. Both the report and workfile have been updated to display only the Creditable Samples. (Note: No change was done to any calculations, just the report display. Completeness and 98th percentile were being calculated correctly, but the report was displaying a value not used in these calculations.)