Software Release Notes for May 14, 2010 –

Changes to AQS

The Design Values Report is now available under Standard Reports in AQS! There are also a number of other fixes. Here’s the list:


Maintain Site – Form bugs

Actual Values only). And, finally, when user tried to create a new Accuracy audit record and clicked on “Save”, then the message '"No changes to save" message appeared; the record was not saved to the database. This is fixed.


Design Value Report (AMP480)

Users had requested a report that would generate the statistics used for NAAQS determinations. Report also allows 1) the assessment of the effect of exceptional event flagging on Design Values, and 2) the assessment of attainment issues based on partial data. Three “parts”:

  1. Formatted report for each pollutant with 3-Year Design Values (Ozone, PM 2.5, PM 10)

  2. Workfile available so users can import data into spreadsheets

  3. Data accessible via Discoverer - “folders” for each pollutant with 3-Year Design Values

The selection criteria for the report include:

o Within page: Tribal Code, State Code, County Code, Site Number, POC

Usage Notes:

Caveats and Limitations