AQS Software Release Notes for July 23, 2012



AQS Batch form – rerun reports for “old” jobs; Scan Report is available

Maintain Bug (fixed) Summaries for 8-hour ozone Discoverer (new URL)


1.   Changes to AQS Batch form –

Usually, the AQS Batch “Process by File” tab gives us enough information about submitted



However, if a file fails, it is helpful to go to the AQS Batch “History” tab where you can see a history of all files submitted to AQS and the individual jobs run for each.  Highlight a line (to make it the “record in focus”) and use the buttons to generate the reports available.

(Different reports will be available for each Job Type (STAGE, LOAD, CRST, POST.) This example shows, by color, which reports are available at each step of the process.


The Scan Report is now available whenever a file is submitted through the ENSC, or when

LOAD is done through the AQS Batch form.




2.   Maintain Raw Data Bug

AQS had a bug that prevented an update of an existing sample value to a null sample value with corresponding null data qualifier.  Fixed.


3.   Summaries for 8-hour ozone

The 8-hour ozone summaries now use all days with at least one valid 8-hour average when selecting the 4th maximum for the year. Previously, only valid days (i.e., days with 18 or more valid 8-hour averages) were used when selecting the 4th maximum.


4.   Discoverer URL:

On your initial use of the new Discoverer link, go to Tools ΰ Options.  Under the “Advanced” tab, be sure to check the box for “Disable fan trap detection Note: You must do this to ensure that your old queries will run.