AQS Notes for December 14, 2012 Regular software deployment & General info


Security Changes (update)

AQS software deployment schedule for 2013

AQS conference information

Standard Reports – how you are notified if your report fails to run

Additional Report Entries under “Retrieve Reports” tab

PM NAAQS and impacts on AQS

1. Security Changes

Further clarification on the security changes enacted in October:

Online uses the “old” security model of screening groups. Can insert/update/delete monitor metadata or raw, precision or accuracy data, but you must log into AQS using the appropriate screening group for the monitor.

Batch (for raw data only) uses the “new” security model, which continues access for users who are in screening groups, but also allows access for users associated with a monitor’s PQAO. Can add/insert/delete raw data for a monitor that is not in your screening group only if all 3 of the following conditions are met:

  1. The monitor has a PQAO. (PQAOs were required after January 1, 2007)

  2. The agency code on your AQS user profile = the agency code of the monitor’s PQAO

  3. You have the "Raw Data Update" role for a screening group.

You must process these transactions via Batch: Submit the file containing the transactions to AQS via the ENSC, and on the "Express Request" form, make sure to use a screening group for which you have the "Raw Data Update" role. (Choosing a screening group for which you don't have the “Raw Data Update” role will cause the file to fail during Stage.)

AQS 2013 Patch Deployment Schedule

January 18

February 15

March 22

April 19

May 17

June 21

July 19

August 16

September 20

October 18

November 15

December 13

2. 2013 Software Deployment Schedule The AQS Team will be deploying regular software updates (i.e. “patches”) to AQS on the enclosed monthly schedule for CY 2013.

While regular deployments are done during offhours and usually have minimal impacts, it is possible that AQS may be temporarily unavailable at these times.

Major deployments of new software may be done at other times, and would be communicated to AQS users in advance.

3. AQS conference

We will not have a conference in 2013. Instead, we will be part of the next National Air Quality Conference - Ambient Monitoring in spring of 2014.

4. Standard Reports – how you are notified if your report fails to run

Reports can fail for a number of reasons; common causes are that a report is too large or the

AQS Reports server is down. We have added an additional report status of “Failed – Call Helpdesk.” If you encounter a problem with an online report, you may try submitting the online report via batch. If a problem persists, call the EPA Helpdesk level 2 AQS support (866411-4372).

If an online report fails, the “Report Progress” dialog will show:

If a batch report fails, you will receive an email with a “Report Failure” notice (not a blank email as before.)

In either case, the “Retrieve Reports” tab will show report status:

5. Additional Report Entries under “Retrieve Reports” tab

All reports from the Load, Stat/CR, and Post processes appear in the “Retrieve Reports” tab.

6. PM NAAQS final rule signed on 12/14/2012

What impacts will this have on AQS?

AQI breakpoints for PM2.5 will change and recalculations will be done in spring 2013.

Design Value Report - calculations will be updated in summer 2013.

Quick Look Report – will be modified later, as resources allow.