AQS Patch for January 2014

Starting Friday, January 31, 2014, a maintenance patch was applied to AQS to resolve the following issues:

  1. Report Selection Form: The standard reports selection form (R31) was enhanced to allow report selection by Monitor Network Affiliation (see In order to make this change, Land Use Type was removed as a selectable field. In addition, we have received many user concerns that the way the form split data selection fields between an “Area” tab and a “Monitor” tab was both confusing and cumbersome. We have resolved this by enlarging the form and combining both of these into a “Data Selection” tab. An image of the new layout is shown below:

  1. Report Cover Page: Display the selection criteria for Monitor Network affiliation.

  1. Implement new Monitor Metadata Validation Rules:

    1. The Monitor Type "OTHER" cannot be applied to Criteria Pollutants plus NO, NOx, and 5-Minute Max SO2.

    2. A Monitor-NAAQS-Exclusion cannot be assigned to a monitor with a monitor type of SLAMS. Similarly, the monitor type SLAMS can not be assigned for a period where the monitor has a NAAQS exclusion.

    3. Overlapping Monitor Type Assignments (i.e. two types assigned on the same day) are not allowed.

  1. AQSLOAD: When a file was submitted that caused warnings was re-loaded in AQS from the Batch form, the AQSLOAD program crashed.

  2. Maintain Raw Data: The form generated an error when the user attempted to duplicate a row with a null data code.

  3. Precision Report: For Collocated Precision, report was not displaying method code of collocated monitor.