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<Agency Code> <Agency Desc> <Agency Type> <Agency Type Desc>
1124 Virgin Islands Department Of Planning & Natural Resources F STATE AGENCY
1137 Washington State Department Of Health F STATE AGENCY
1252 Missouri Dept Of Natural Resources F STATE AGENCY
1256 Ohio EPA Central Office F STATE AGENCY
0700 Minnesota Pollution Control Agency, Division Of Air Quality F STATE AGENCY
0635 Maine D.E.P. Bureau Of Air Quality Control, Augusta F STATE AGENCY
0714 Montana Department Of State Lands F STATE AGENCY
0730 Mt Dept Of Environmental Quality, Air Quality Division F STATE AGENCY
1328 Florida Department of Environmental Protection (FDEP) F STATE AGENCY
0698 Minnesota Department Of Health F STATE AGENCY
0563 Kansas Department Of Health And Environment F STATE AGENCY
0658 Maryland State Division Of Air Monitoring F STATE AGENCY
0685 Michigan Dept Of Environmental Quality-Air Quality Division F STATE AGENCY
0390 Florida Dept of Environmental Protection Northeast District Branch Office F STATE AGENCY
0393 Florida Dept of Environmental Protection, South District F STATE AGENCY
0396 Florida Dept of Environmental Protection, Central District F STATE AGENCY
0399 Florida State Board Of Health F STATE AGENCY
1394 Pima County Regional Wastewater Reclamation Department F STATE AGENCY
0437 Georgia Air Protection Branch Ambient Monitoring Program F STATE AGENCY
0467 Guam Environmental Protection Agency F STATE AGENCY
0481 Hawaii State Department Of Health F STATE AGENCY
0511 Idaho Department Of Health And Welfare-Environment Division F STATE AGENCY
0513 Illinois Environmental Protection Agency F STATE AGENCY
0521 Indiana State Department Of Conservation F STATE AGENCY
0240 Colorado Department of Public Health And Environment F STATE AGENCY
0251 Connecticut Department of Environmental Protection F STATE AGENCY
0292 Delaware Air Pollution Authority State Board of Health F STATE AGENCY
0750 NC Dept Of Environment, Health And Natural Resources F STATE AGENCY
0752 Nebraska Department Of Environmental Control F STATE AGENCY
0762 New Hampshire Air Resources Agency F STATE AGENCY
0764 New Jersey State Department Of Environmental Protection F STATE AGENCY
0777 North Carolina State Board Of Health F STATE AGENCY
0782 North Dakota State Department Of Health F STATE AGENCY
0784 North Ohio Valley Air Authority F STATE AGENCY
0797 NY State Lead Sampling Lab F STATE AGENCY
0806 Ohio EPA, Division Of Environmental Services F STATE AGENCY
0812 Oklahoma Dept. Of Environmental Quality Air Quality Division F STATE AGENCY
0821 Oregon Department Of Environmental Quality F STATE AGENCY
0827 P.R. Environmental Quality Board F STATE AGENCY
0807 Ohio EPA, Northeast District Office F STATE AGENCY
0852 Pennsylvania State Department Of Forests And Waters F STATE AGENCY
0809 Ohio EPA, Southeast District Office F STATE AGENCY
0851 Pennsylvania Department Of Environmental Protection F STATE AGENCY
0888 Puerto Rico Department Of Health F STATE AGENCY
0979 Southwestern Ohio Air Pollution Control Agency F STATE AGENCY
1000 State Of Delaware F STATE AGENCY
1002 State Of Maryland Air Management Administration F STATE AGENCY
1025 Tennessee Division Of Air Pollution Control F STATE AGENCY
1080 University Hygenic Laboratory F STATE AGENCY
1113 Utah Department Of Environmental Quality F STATE AGENCY
1151 West Virginia Northern Panhandle Regional Office F STATE AGENCY
1125 Virginia Division Of Consolidated Laboratories F STATE AGENCY
1127 Virginia Department of Environmental Quality F STATE AGENCY
1136 Washington State Department Of Ecology F STATE AGENCY
1152 West Virginia State Department Of Health F STATE AGENCY
1167 WI State Lab Of Hygiene - Environmental Science Section F STATE AGENCY
1174 Wisconsin Department Of Transportation F STATE AGENCY
1188 Wyoming Air Quality Division, Dept Of Environmental Quality F STATE AGENCY
0007 Air Pollution Control Division Of Water And Air Resources F STATE AGENCY
0053 Arizona Department Of Environmental Quality F STATE AGENCY
0055 Arkansas Department Of Environmental Quality F STATE AGENCY
0145 California Air Resources Board F STATE AGENCY
1338 New Jersey Meadowlands Commission F STATE AGENCY
1366 Wyoming Bureau of Land Management F STATE AGENCY
1226 FDEP Ambient Monitoring Section F STATE AGENCY
0699 Minnesota Department Of Transportation F STATE AGENCY
0584 Kentucky Division For Air Quality F STATE AGENCY
0588 Missouri Laboratory Services Program F STATE AGENCY
0654 Maryland Air Quality Programs F STATE AGENCY
0655 Maryland Department Of The Environment F STATE AGENCY
0656 Maryland State Bureau Of Air Quality And Noise Control F STATE AGENCY
0657 Maryland State Department Of Health F STATE AGENCY
0659 Maryland State Division Of Air Quality Control F STATE AGENCY
0660 Mass Dept Environmental Protection-Div Air Quality Control F STATE AGENCY
0684 Michigan Department Of Public Health F STATE AGENCY
0689 Michigan State Department Of Conservation F STATE AGENCY
0532 Iowa State Department Of Health F STATE AGENCY
0389 Florida Department Of Air And Water Pollution Control F STATE AGENCY
0391 Florida Dept of Environmental Protection, Northeast District F STATE AGENCY
0392 Florida Dept of Environmental Protection, Northwest District F STATE AGENCY
0394 Florida Dept of Environmental Protection, Southeast District F STATE AGENCY
0395 Florida Dept of Environmental Protection, Southwest District F STATE AGENCY
0438 Georgia Department Of Public Health F STATE AGENCY
0439 Georgia Dept Of Natural Resources Air Quality Evaluation F STATE AGENCY
0418 Florida Dep Of Environmental Protection Lab, Tallahassee F STATE AGENCY
0510 Idaho Air Quality Bureau F STATE AGENCY
0512 Illinois Department Of Public Health F STATE AGENCY
0514 Illinois State Water Survey F STATE AGENCY
0520 Indiana Depart Of Environ Management/Office Of Air Quality F STATE AGENCY
0530 Iowa Department Of Natural Resources F STATE AGENCY
0241 Colorado Department of Highways F STATE AGENCY
0252 Connecticut Department of Health F STATE AGENCY
0294 Delaware Dept Natural Resources and Environmental Control F STATE AGENCY
0703 Mississippi DEQ, Office Of Pollution F STATE AGENCY
0757 Nevada Division Of Environmental Protection F STATE AGENCY
0765 New Mexico Environment Department F STATE AGENCY
0768 New York State Department Of Environmental Conservation F STATE AGENCY
0702 Mississippi Air And Water Pollution Control Commission F STATE AGENCY
0776 North Carolina Dept Of Environment And Natural Resources F STATE AGENCY
0785 Northeast Colorado Health Department F STATE AGENCY
0798 NYSDEC Toxics Data Laboratory F STATE AGENCY
0805 Ohio EPA, Central District Office F STATE AGENCY
0822 Oregon State Board Of Health F STATE AGENCY
0808 Ohio EPA, Northwest District Office F STATE AGENCY
0775 North Carolina Department Of Water And Air Resources F STATE AGENCY
0853 Pennsylvania State Department Of Health F STATE AGENCY
0850 Pennsylvania Bureau Of Air Quality F STATE AGENCY
0810 Ohio EPA, Southwest District Office F STATE AGENCY
0889 Puerto Rico Environmental Quality Board F STATE AGENCY
0907 Rhode Island DEM And DOH F STATE AGENCY
1343 Wisconsin Department of Administration(DOA) F STATE AGENCY
1168 WI State Lab Of Hygiene - Occupational Health Laboratory F STATE AGENCY
1175 Wisconsin Dept Of Natural Resources, Air Monitoring Section F STATE AGENCY
1191 Wyoming Regional Program Director F STATE AGENCY
0013 Al Dept Of Env Mgt F STATE AGENCY
0015 Alaska Department Of Environmental Conservation F STATE AGENCY
1189 Wyoming Department Of Health And Social Services F STATE AGENCY
1190 Wyoming Department Of Public Health F STATE AGENCY
0971 South Carolina Department Health And Environmental Control F STATE AGENCY
0973 South Dakota Dept Environmental Protection Air Quality Prog F STATE AGENCY
1035 Texas Commission On Environmental Quality F STATE AGENCY
1001 State Of Louisiana F STATE AGENCY
1003 State Of New York Department Of Health F STATE AGENCY
1150 West Virginia Air Pollution Control Commission F STATE AGENCY
1119 Vermont Agency Of Environmental Conservation F STATE AGENCY
1305 Dios Dado Environmental Ltd., Selma, TX J PRIVATE
1319 Florida Sugar Cane League J PRIVATE
1330 Fishbak, Thompson & Carr & Huber, MI J PRIVATE
1353 DATA CHEM Laboratories, Inc., OH J PRIVATE
1354 PACE Analytical Services, Inc., MN J PRIVATE
1357 Freeport McMoRan Miami, Inc. J PRIVATE
1363 Mountain Cement J PRIVATE
1364 Black hills Power J PRIVATE
1365 Solvay J PRIVATE
1375 PSGC (Prairie State Generating Company, LLC), IL J PRIVATE
1373 Shell Engineering & Assoc., MO J PRIVATE
1388 Sinclair Refinery, Sinclair J PRIVATE
1392 Northwest Clean Air Agency J PRIVATE
1401 Superior Silica Sands, LLC J PRIVATE
0164 CH2M Hill J PRIVATE
0165 Champion International Corporation J PRIVATE
0171 Chem-Met J PRIVATE
0173 Chen Northern Labs J PRIVATE
0178 Chevrolet Motor Division J PRIVATE
1221 Atmospheric Analysis & Consulting Inc. Ventura, CA J PRIVATE
1228 The Southern Company J PRIVATE
1237 Procter And Gamble Paper Products Company J PRIVATE
1239 Hovensa L. L. C. J PRIVATE
1240 Versar, Inc., Esm Operations J PRIVATE
1242 E.H. Pechan J PRIVATE
1244 ABT Associates, Inc. J PRIVATE
1251 ECR Incorporated J PRIVATE
1257 International Truck & Engine Corp., WI J PRIVATE
1258 Logistics Management Institute J PRIVATE
1263 D. A. B. Industries, Inc., OH J PRIVATE
1287 Planetgov User Support J PRIVATE
1268 RR Donnley, IN J PRIVATE
1288 Doe Run Buick J PRIVATE
1289 Doe Run Glover J PRIVATE
1290 Doe Run Herculaneum J PRIVATE
1293 Mid-American Energy, IA J PRIVATE
1294 Sierra Research, CA J PRIVATE
1296 Independent Contractor J PRIVATE
1300 Air ToxicsLimited, CA J PRIVATE
1211 A K Steel J PRIVATE
1212 Toyota J PRIVATE
1213 John'S Manville J PRIVATE
1214 Grain Processors J PRIVATE
1215 Lone Star Industries J PRIVATE
1216 Hammond Pb J PRIVATE
1217 Research Triangle Institute RTP, NC J PRIVATE
1220 Parsons Engineering Science, Inc. J PRIVATE
0668 Mead Paper Company J PRIVATE
0637 Maine Technical Services J PRIVATE
0640 Manitowoc Public Utilities J PRIVATE
0713 Monsanto Industrial Chemicals Company J PRIVATE
0715 Montana Power Company J PRIVATE
0717 Montana Resources J PRIVATE
0719 Montana Tunnels Mining, Inc J PRIVATE
0731 Mummy Mountain Observatory J PRIVATE
0734 Muscatine Power & Water Company J PRIVATE
0736 Montgomery Watson J PRIVATE
0701 Minnesota Power And Light Company J PRIVATE
0670 Medical Area Total Energy Plant (MATEP) J PRIVATE
0693 Midwest Energy Resources Company J PRIVATE
0695 Mineral Hill Mine J PRIVATE
0546 James River Paper Corporation J PRIVATE
0489 Hess Oil, Virgin Islands Corporation J PRIVATE
0529 Interpoll Laboratories, Inc J PRIVATE
0564 Kantus J PRIVATE
0566 Kemron Environmental Services J PRIVATE
0571 Kentucky Electric Steel Company J PRIVATE
0573 Kentucky Utilities J PRIVATE
0576 Kerr - McGee J PRIVATE
0586 L. F. C. Power Systems J PRIVATE
0592 Lake Charles Technical Air Committee J PRIVATE
0524 Indianapolis Power And Light Company J PRIVATE
0526 Inland Mining Company J PRIVATE
0528 International Paper Company J PRIVATE
0615 Loeb Industries J PRIVATE
0619 Lorain Air Air Pollution Control Agency J PRIVATE
0623 Louisiana Pacific J PRIVATE
0558 JPI Transportation Products, Inc J PRIVATE
0646 Marquette Board Of Light And Power J PRIVATE
0650 Martin Marietta J PRIVATE
0651 Martin Marietta And Ohio Lime Companies J PRIVATE
0652 Martin Marietta Cement/Dragon Cement/Thomaston J PRIVATE
0653 Marvin Windows & Doors J PRIVATE
0662 Massachusetts Port Authority J PRIVATE
0600 Lansing Board Of Water And Light J PRIVATE
0680 Metronics Associates J PRIVATE
0686 Michigan Disposal, Inc J PRIVATE
0687 Michigan Recovery Systems J PRIVATE
0536 J.E. Baker Company J PRIVATE
0538 J.R. Simplot Company J PRIVATE
0303 Detroit Edison Company J PRIVATE
0346 Entropy Environmentalists, Inc J PRIVATE
0348 Enviro-Chem J PRIVATE
0397 Florida Power And Light J PRIVATE
0398 Florida Power Corporation J PRIVATE
0400 Fluid Management, Inc J PRIVATE
0410 France Stone Company J PRIVATE
0342 Enesco/Cal Lab Analytical J PRIVATE
0344 Enserch Environmental J PRIVATE
0426 General Chemical Corporation J PRIVATE
0428 General Foods, Post Division J PRIVATE
0431 General Portland Cement Company J PRIVATE
0436 Georesearch, Inc J PRIVATE
0441 Geraghty & Miller, Inc J PRIVATE
0384 Fitchburg Paper Company J PRIVATE
0463 Greede Industries J PRIVATE
0468 Guam Power Authority J PRIVATE
0470 Gulf Coast Research Lab Institutions Of Higher Learning J PRIVATE
0480 Haverhill Paperboard J PRIVATE
0482 Hawaiian Electric Company J PRIVATE
0484 Hechimovich Sanitary Landfill, Inc J PRIVATE
0449 GM Central Foundry J PRIVATE
0416 Ft Union Coal Company J PRIVATE
0493 Hoerner-Waldorf Corporation J PRIVATE
0494 Holland Board Of Public Works J PRIVATE
0495 Hollingsworth And Vase Company J PRIVATE
0496 Holyoke Gas And Electric J PRIVATE
0497 Homestake Copper Company J PRIVATE
0498 Homestake Mining Company J PRIVATE
0499 Honda Of America, Inc J PRIVATE
0500 Hooker Chemical Company J PRIVATE
0501 Hoosier Energy J PRIVATE
0502 Horsehead Resource Development Company J PRIVATE
0503 Houston Lighting And Power J PRIVATE
0508 Holtrachem Manufacturing Company J PRIVATE
0452 Golden Sunlight Mines, Inc J PRIVATE
1306 Weston Solutions, TX J PRIVATE
0375 Exide Corporation J PRIVATE
0339 Embreeville State Hospital Sewage Treatment Plant J PRIVATE
0157 Centennial Minerals J PRIVATE
0159 Central Analytical Lab J PRIVATE
0233 Cleveland-Cliffs Iron Company J PRIVATE
0235 Coca Mines, Inc J PRIVATE
0237 Cogeneration Management Company J PRIVATE
0248 Con Agra J PRIVATE
0254 Consolidated Aluminum Company J PRIVATE
0256 Consumers Power Company J PRIVATE
0260 Cool Water Coal Gasification Programs J PRIVATE
0262 Core Laboratories, Inc J PRIVATE
0271 Cyprus Northshore Mining J PRIVATE
0278 Dairyland Power Cooperative J PRIVATE
0280 Dames & Moore, Inc J PRIVATE
0289 Decker Coal Company J PRIVATE
0297 Denver Research Institute J PRIVATE
0269 Cyanokem, Inc J PRIVATE
0308 Doe Run J PRIVATE
0311 Doug Yanggen & Associates J PRIVATE
0314 Dragon Products, Thomaston J PRIVATE
0316 Du Pont J PRIVATE
0321 E. Robert Alley & Associates J PRIVATE
0322 E.C. Jordon/C-E Envir/Abb J PRIVATE
0326 East Kentucky Power Company J PRIVATE
0330 Eastman Gelatine J PRIVATE
0301 Derenzo and Associates J PRIVATE
0265 Crandon Mining Company J PRIVATE
0266 Crane and Company, Inc J PRIVATE
0305 Diamond Shamrock Corporation J PRIVATE
0349 Environmental Consulting Services, Inc J PRIVATE
0351 Environmental Health Laboratories-Philadelphia J PRIVATE
0353 Environmental Research & Technology, Inc (ERT) J PRIVATE
0355 Environmental Science & Engineering, Inc (Ese) J PRIVATE
0357 Environmental System Corporation J PRIVATE
0359 Environmental Waste Control J PRIVATE
0896 Quebecor J PRIVATE
0749 Natural Resource Ecology Laboratory J PRIVATE
0753 Nebraska Public Power Company J PRIVATE
0755 Nekoosa Packaging Company J PRIVATE
0759 New Butte Mining Incorporated J PRIVATE
0761 New England Power Company J PRIVATE
0771 Noranda, Inc J PRIVATE
0705 Mitre Corporation J PRIVATE
0789 Northern Laboratories J PRIVATE
0796 NTIC Richfield Company J PRIVATE
0813 Olin Corporation J PRIVATE
0818 Ontonagon WWTP J PRIVATE
0824 Owens-Corning Fiberglas Corporation J PRIVATE
0826 Oxychem Florida, Inc J PRIVATE
0828 Pace Analytical, Inc J PRIVATE
0830 Pacific Gas And Electric J PRIVATE
0834 Panhandle Eastern Pipeline J PRIVATE
0836 Paoli Corporation J PRIVATE
0841 Peabody Coal Company J PRIVATE
0844 Pedco Environmental J PRIVATE
0847 PEI Associates J PRIVATE
0863 Phillips Petroleum J PRIVATE
0866 Pine State Power J PRIVATE
0869 Pioneer Valley Tsp Group J PRIVATE
0870 Pittsburgh Plate Glass J PRIVATE
0871 Placer Amex J PRIVATE
0876 Popco J PRIVATE
0881 Potlatch Corporation J PRIVATE
0882 Powder River Coal Company J PRIVATE
0899 Radian Corporation J PRIVATE
0900 Ramp - Basin Electric J PRIVATE
0904 Research Corporation Of New England J PRIVATE
0909 Richmond Power And Light J PRIVATE
0922 Rocky Mountain Energy Company J PRIVATE
0924 Rosebud Energy J PRIVATE
0886 Public Service Of Indiana J PRIVATE
0930 RTP Environmental Associates J PRIVATE
0932 Rust Engineering Company J PRIVATE
0934 Rogers Group J PRIVATE
0935 S. D. Warren Company J PRIVATE
0938 Saginaw Malleable Iron Plant J PRIVATE
0952 Saturn Corporation J PRIVATE
0954 Scholte And Koogler Environmental Consultants J PRIVATE
1351 Golder Associates, Inc. J PRIVATE
1183 Woodville Lime And Chemical J PRIVATE
1185 World Color Press, Inc J PRIVATE
1187 Wyodale Resources J PRIVATE
1153 Western Energy Company J PRIVATE
1155 Western Gas Processors J PRIVATE
1157 Westfield River Paper Company, Inc J PRIVATE
1159 Westmoreland Resources J PRIVATE
1166 White Pine Copper Company J PRIVATE
1177 Wisconsin Power And Light Company J PRIVATE
1179 Wisconsin Tissue Mills J PRIVATE
1181 Wm J Kennedy And Son Company J PRIVATE
1194 Xontech, Inc J PRIVATE
1199 York Research Consultants J PRIVATE
1203 Ziegler Company J PRIVATE
1207 Desert Research Institute J PRIVATE
0009 Air Resource Specialists, Inc J PRIVATE
0019 Aleyska Pipeline Service Company J PRIVATE
0022 Allied Corporation-Moncure Plant J PRIVATE
0024 Aluminum Company Of America J PRIVATE
0027 Amax Coal Company J PRIVATE
0030 American Crystal Sugar Company J PRIVATE
0032 American Enka Company J PRIVATE
0035 Amoco Oil Company J PRIVATE
0037 Anaconda Copper Company J PRIVATE
0047 Applied Environmental Consultants, Inc J PRIVATE
0048 Applied Meteorology, Inc J PRIVATE
0050 Arco J PRIVATE
0052 Area Oil Shale Supervisor Office J PRIVATE
0054 Arizona Portland Cement Company J PRIVATE
0058 Armco Steel Company J PRIVATE
0061 Asarco J PRIVATE
0064 Ashland Oil J PRIVATE
0066 Associated Electric J PRIVATE
0071 Atmospheric Research Institute J PRIVATE
0076 Baltimore Gas And Electric Company J PRIVATE
0078 Barmet Aluminum Corporation J PRIVATE
0001 3M Chemolite J PRIVATE
0003 AAT Labs, Inc J PRIVATE
0005 Aeromet Engineering, Inc J PRIVATE
0046 Appleton Papers Incorporated J PRIVATE
0089 Beaunit Fibers J PRIVATE
0091 Beker Industries J PRIVATE
0093 Berlin Foundry Corporation J PRIVATE
0095 Bethlehem Steel Corporation J PRIVATE
0103 Black And Vetch Consulting Engineers J PRIVATE
0107 Boliden Intertrade Inc J PRIVATE
0109 Borden Chemical Company J PRIVATE
0113 Brand S Lumber Company J PRIVATE
0118 Brewster Phosphates J PRIVATE
0079 Barr Engineering Company J PRIVATE
0041 Antelope Coal Company J PRIVATE
0126 Bruce Carter & Associates J PRIVATE
0128 Brush-Wellman J PRIVATE
0130 Buick Motor Division J PRIVATE
0132 Bunker Hill J PRIVATE
0134 Burlington Northern Railroad Company J PRIVATE
0136 Business Health Management Environmental Laboratory J PRIVATE
0150 Campbell Soup J PRIVATE
1352 Kohler, WI J PRIVATE
1329 Environmental Analytical Services Inc., CA J PRIVATE
1379 Williams Field Service Company J PRIVATE
1397 Smart Sand, LLC J PRIVATE
0956 Scoot Graphics, Inc J PRIVATE
0958 Sea Ray J PRIVATE
0961 Shell J PRIVATE
0963 Sigeco J PRIVATE
0966 Sirrine Environmental Consultants J PRIVATE
0969 Sonoma Technology J PRIVATE
0975 Southern Indiana Gas And Electric Company J PRIVATE
0976 Southern Services, Inc J PRIVATE
0980 Sparta Manufacturing Company J PRIVATE
0983 Spring Creek Coal Company J PRIVATE
0988 St Croix Meadows Greyhound Racetrack J PRIVATE
1005 Stauffer Chemical Company J PRIVATE
1009 Stone Container Corporation J PRIVATE
1011 Sunedco J PRIVATE
1013 Superior Mining, Portage J PRIVATE
1015 Superior Testing Laboratory J PRIVATE
1018 Sylvania Silica J PRIVATE
1020 Target Corporation J PRIVATE
1024 Tenneco J PRIVATE
1026 Tennessee Eastman Company J PRIVATE
1028 Tennessee River Pulp And Paper Company J PRIVATE
1039 Thunder Basin Coal Company J PRIVATE
1041 Timken J PRIVATE
1042 Tondu Interests J PRIVATE
1043 Tonto Hills Observatory J PRIVATE
1045 Total Leonard J PRIVATE
1047 Tracer Technologies J PRIVATE
1048 TRC Environmental Consultants, Inc J PRIVATE
1057 TS Monitoring J PRIVATE
1065 Union Camp J PRIVATE
1036 The Ansul Company J PRIVATE
1067 United Illuminating J PRIVATE
1069 United Power Association, Elk River J PRIVATE
1117 Ventron Corporation J PRIVATE
1091 Unocal J PRIVATE
1112 USM Corporation J PRIVATE
1130 W. H. Hunt Trust Estate J PRIVATE
1132 Warren Petroleum J PRIVATE
1133 Warzyn Engineering, Inc J PRIVATE
1139 Waste Management Of Wisconsin, Inc J PRIVATE
1140 Waste Technologies Industries J PRIVATE
1145 Weaver Construction Company J PRIVATE
1312 RJ Lee Group, Center for Laboratory Sciences Pasco, WA J PRIVATE
1347 Anadarko, WY J PRIVATE
1348 Pacificorp, WY J PRIVATE
1349 WY Refining Company, WY J PRIVATE
1350 Arch Coal Company, WY J PRIVATE
1324 Duke Energy J PRIVATE
1325 Vectren Corporation J PRIVATE
1377 EOG Resources J PRIVATE
1378 Short Elliott Hendrickson (SEH, Inc.) J PRIVATE
0081 Basin Creek Mining J PRIVATE
0084 Battelle Memorial Institute J PRIVATE
0124 Browning Ferris Industries J PRIVATE
0163 Central Wayne Co. Sanitation Authority J PRIVATE
0166 Champion-Hoerner Waldorf J PRIVATE
0172 Chemetco J PRIVATE
0177 Chev Saginaw Metals Casting Plant J PRIVATE
0179 Chevron J PRIVATE
0183 Cianbro/Dragon Cement, Thomaston J PRIVATE
0123 Brown Printing Central J PRIVATE
0161 Central Illinois Light Company J PRIVATE
0162 Central Maine Power Company, Maine Office, Augusta J PRIVATE
1222 Veeland Farm Services J PRIVATE
1224 Ambient Air Services, Inc. J PRIVATE
1227 Gainesville Regional Utilities J PRIVATE
1229 Goodyear Tire Obion County, TN J PRIVATE
1233 Cenex Harvest States - Superior, WI J PRIVATE
1236 Stillwater Mining Company J PRIVATE
1238 Environment Canada J PRIVATE
1243 Environ J PRIVATE
1250 URS Corporation J PRIVATE
1255 Saskpower J PRIVATE
1265 Hanson Aggregates Midwest, Inc., OH J PRIVATE
1264 Glacier Vandervell, Inc., OH J PRIVATE
1266 Quality Data Systems, Inc. J PRIVATE
0639 Manistique Pulp & Paper J PRIVATE
0672 Melvin Simon & Associates, Inc - Mall Of America J PRIVATE
0707 Mobile Coal Producing J PRIVATE
0711 Monitor Sugar J PRIVATE
0716 Montana Refining Company J PRIVATE
0718 Montana Talc Company J PRIVATE
0720 Montaup Electric Company J PRIVATE
0728 Morton Salt J PRIVATE
0729 Mountain, Inc J PRIVATE
0733 Murray & Trettle, Inc J PRIVATE
0737 N G K Metals Reading, PA J PRIVATE
0671 Medina County Joint Vocational School J PRIVATE
0692 Midland Cogeneration Venture J PRIVATE
1314 Lockheed Martin Information Technology J PRIVATE
1315 Computer Science Corporation J PRIVATE
1316 ICF International J PRIVATE
1367 Black Butte Coal Company J PRIVATE
1399 Western Gas Resources J PRIVATE
1400 U.S. Silica Company J PRIVATE
1355 Severn Trent Laboratories, Knoxville, TN J PRIVATE
0540 Jackson County Iron Company J PRIVATE
0547 James W Gelhaus Townsend, MT J PRIVATE
0554 John Brown Incorporated J PRIVATE
0487 Hercules J PRIVATE
0490 Hibbing Taconite J PRIVATE
0565 Keci Television J PRIVATE
0567 Kendall Company J PRIVATE
0568 Kennecott Minerals Company J PRIVATE
0572 Kentucky Power Company J PRIVATE
0574 Kenvirons, Inc J PRIVATE
0577 Kiewit Mining Company J PRIVATE
0578 Kimberly Clark Corporation J PRIVATE
0580 Knife River Coal J PRIVATE
0582 Koch Hydrocarbon J PRIVATE
0583 Koch Refining Company J PRIVATE
0591 Lafarge Corporation J PRIVATE
0527 Inter-Mountain Laboratory Sheridan, WY J PRIVATE
0606 Lehigh Portland Cement J PRIVATE
0610 Lincoln Pulp And Paper Company, Lincoln J PRIVATE
0616 Lomac, Inc (Bofors Lakeway) J PRIVATE
0618 Long Island Lighting Company J PRIVATE
0624 Lowa Public Service Company J PRIVATE
0626 Luzenzac America, Inc J PRIVATE
0628 Lafarge Lime Ohio Inc J PRIVATE
0596 Lancaster Labs, Inc J PRIVATE
0597 Land Reclamation Company J PRIVATE
0642 Marathon Oil J PRIVATE
0661 Massachusetts Muncipal Wholesale Electric Company J PRIVATE
0663 Master Metals J PRIVATE
0665 Mauna Loa Observatory J PRIVATE
0667 McVehil-Monnett Associates J PRIVATE
0633 Madison Paper Industries J PRIVATE
0601 Lansing Car Assembly J PRIVATE
0674 Menasha J PRIVATE
0688 Michigan Standard Alloys J PRIVATE
0537 J.M. Huber Corporation, Easton J PRIVATE
0304 Detroit Metro Airport J PRIVATE
0347 Enviro Plan J PRIVATE
0401 FMC Corporation J PRIVATE
0402 Ford Motors J PRIVATE
0409 Foth And Van Dyke J PRIVATE
0377 Exxon Minerals Company J PRIVATE
0341 Energy Lab Inc, Billings, Mt J PRIVATE
0343 Engineering Science, Inc J PRIVATE
0385 Flambeau Mining Corporation J PRIVATE
0425 GCA, Technology Division J PRIVATE
0427 General Electric J PRIVATE
0429 General Mills J PRIVATE
0430 General Motors J PRIVATE
0432 General Smelting And Refining J PRIVATE
0434 Geneva Steel J PRIVATE
0435 Geomet Technologies, Inc J PRIVATE
1336 Graymont Western US, Inc. J PRIVATE
1345 Mactec, Inc J PRIVATE
1361 ARA, Atmospheric Research and Analysis J PRIVATE
1362 EE-MS, Environmental Engineering Measurement J PRIVATE
1331 Meteorological Solutions, Inc. J PRIVATE
1332 Hydrometrics J PRIVATE
1333 Aspen Consulting & Testing J PRIVATE
1334 Chester LabNet. J PRIVATE
1346 New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene J PRIVATE
1386 CGI Federal J PRIVATE
0440 Georgia Pacific Company, Woodland J PRIVATE
0442 Gillen Company J PRIVATE
0443 Glacier Daido America J PRIVATE
0412 Fraser Paper Company, Madawaska J PRIVATE
0460 Great Northern Paper Company, Millinocket J PRIVATE
0462 Greater Detroit Resource Recovery Authority J PRIVATE
0476 Hanna Mining Company J PRIVATE
0477 Hardy Salt J PRIVATE
0450 Gmad - Lake Orion J PRIVATE
0509 I/N Tek J PRIVATE
0517 Imore Gas Gaw And Electric Company J PRIVATE
0519 Indiana & Michigan Electric Company J PRIVATE
0451 Gold Field Mining Corporation J PRIVATE
0453 Gopher Smelting And Refining J PRIVATE
0455 Grand Haven Board Of Water And Light J PRIVATE
0531 Iowa Power And Light Company J PRIVATE
0374 Ewing Paper Mills J PRIVATE
0376 Exxon J PRIVATE
0158 Centerior Energy J PRIVATE
0160 Central Foundry J PRIVATE
0238 Coldwater Board Of Public Utilities J PRIVATE
0242 Colt Industries-Beloit J PRIVATE
0244 Columbia Falls Aluminum J PRIVATE
0253 Conservation Consultants, Inc J PRIVATE
0255 Consolidated Papers J PRIVATE
0257 Continental Lime J PRIVATE
0261 Cordero Mining Company J PRIVATE
0270 Cyprus Industrial Minerals Company J PRIVATE
0273 D.I. Corporation/James River, Old Town J PRIVATE
0277 Dairyland Greyhound Park J PRIVATE
0279 Dakota Gasification Company J PRIVATE
0283 David E. Woodman J PRIVATE
0286 Dayton Power and Light J PRIVATE
0290 Deerfield Speciality Papers J PRIVATE
0295 Delco Remy J PRIVATE
0296 Delta Chemicals, Searsport J PRIVATE
0312 Dow Chemical Company J PRIVATE
0313 Dow Corning J PRIVATE
0315 Dry Fork Coal Company J PRIVATE
0317 Du Pont Imaging System J PRIVATE
0320 Duluth Missabe And Iron Range Railway Company J PRIVATE
0327 East Penn Manufacturing Company J PRIVATE
1395 Consci LTD J PRIVATE
1398 Taylor Frac, LLC J PRIVATE
0329 Eastern Research Group J PRIVATE
0333 Ecology Audits, Inc J PRIVATE
0352 Environmental Health Services J PRIVATE
0354 Environmental Research Foundation J PRIVATE
0356 Environmental Science And Engineering J PRIVATE
0358 Environmental Testing J PRIVATE
0360 Enviroplan J PRIVATE
0361 Environmental Monitoring Company (Emc) J PRIVATE
0363 ER & T Commonwealth Edison J PRIVATE
0370 Espey, Huston, And Associates, Inc J PRIVATE
0897 Qualitech J PRIVATE
0898 R-3, Inc J PRIVATE
0746 National Southwire Aluminum Company J PRIVATE
0748 Natural Gas Pipeline Company J PRIVATE
0756 Network Environmental, Inc J PRIVATE
0760 New England Ethanol, Auburn J PRIVATE
0767 New York Port Authority And Environmental Management J PRIVATE
0706 Mobil Chemical Company J PRIVATE
0786 Northeast Utilities J PRIVATE
0788 Northern Indiana Public Service Company J PRIVATE
0792 Northern States Power Company J PRIVATE
0793 Northrop Services J PRIVATE
0795 NTH, Consultants, Ltd J PRIVATE
0800 O.M. Scott Company J PRIVATE
0804 Ohio Edison Company J PRIVATE
0773 North American Coal J PRIVATE
0743 National Lime And Stone Company J PRIVATE
0825 OWR Grace J PRIVATE
0829 Pacific Environmental Services J PRIVATE
0831 Packaging Corporation Of America J PRIVATE
0839 Payne And Dolan, Inc J PRIVATE
0842 Peavey Company J PRIVATE
0843 Pedco And Battelle J PRIVATE
0845 Peerless Cement J PRIVATE
0846 Pegasus Gold Corporation J PRIVATE
0774 North American Weather Consultants J PRIVATE
0855 Penobscot Energy Recovery Company, Orrington J PRIVATE
0857 Pepco J PRIVATE
0859 Pfizer Corporation J PRIVATE
0860 Phelps Dodge Corporation J PRIVATE
0883 PPG Ind, Inc J PRIVATE
0849 Penn-Dixie Industries, Inc J PRIVATE
0901 Rayovac Company J PRIVATE
0903 Regional Waste Systems, Portland J PRIVATE
0905 Reserve Mining Company J PRIVATE
0906 Resource Consultants Incorporated J PRIVATE
0908 Rhone Poulenc J PRIVATE
0915 Robert Ogilby Company J PRIVATE
0921 Horsehead Corp J PRIVATE
1339 Citation Corp., WI J PRIVATE
1340 Didion Milling, Inc., WI J PRIVATE
1341 Metal Tek Inc., WI J PRIVATE
1356 Environmental Standards, Inc., PA J PRIVATE
0925 Rosebud Operating Services, Inc J PRIVATE
0929 Rowe Yankee Atomic Power Plant J PRIVATE
0933 Rust/Sec Donohue Environment & Infastructure J PRIVATE
0953 Savage Zinc Incinc Company J PRIVATE
0955 Science Applications International Corporation J PRIVATE
0957 Scott Paper Company, Winslow J PRIVATE
0926 Ross Metals Incorporated J PRIVATE
0996 St Regis Paper Company, Champion, Bucksport J PRIVATE
0974 South Dakota School Of Mines And Technology J PRIVATE
0964 Silver Valley Laboratory J PRIVATE
0998 Standard Oil Company J PRIVATE
1004 Statler Industries J PRIVATE
1006 Steel Dynamics J PRIVATE
1012 Superior Environmental Services, Inc J PRIVATE
1017 Swanson Environmental, Inc J PRIVATE
1019 Superior Services, Inc J PRIVATE
1027 Tennessee Luttrell Lime J PRIVATE
1031 Texaco J PRIVATE
1034 Texas Gulf Chemical Company J PRIVATE
1038 The Otis Elevator Company J PRIVATE
1056 Triton Coal J PRIVATE
1058 Tucson Electric Power Company J PRIVATE
1062 U P Generating Company J PRIVATE
1066 Union Carbide J PRIVATE
1037 The Canter Oil Company J PRIVATE
1068 United Power Association J PRIVATE
1070 United State Fluorspar Corporation J PRIVATE
1084 University Of Iowa J PRIVATE
1092 Upjohn J PRIVATE
1111 USG Interior Products J PRIVATE
1129 W W Engineering And Science J PRIVATE
1318 EXCEL Management Systems, Inc. J PRIVATE
1389 Colorado State University J PRIVATE
1390 Tata Chemicals J PRIVATE
1391 Devon Energy J PRIVATE
1396 Chippewa Sand Company, LLC J PRIVATE
1372 Encana, WY J PRIVATE
1142 Wausau Paper Mills J PRIVATE
1144 Wayne Disposal, Inc J PRIVATE
1149 West Central Wisconsin Biosolids J PRIVATE
1116 Vandenberg AFB J PRIVATE
1184 Woodward Clyde Consultants J PRIVATE
1186 WW Engineering And Science J PRIVATE
1154 Western Environmental Services J PRIVATE
1156 Western Kraft Paper Group J PRIVATE
1158 Westinghouse Environmental Services Department J PRIVATE
1160 Weston Consultants J PRIVATE
1162 Weyerhaeuser Company J PRIVATE
1164 Whirlpool Corporation J PRIVATE
1172 Wilner Wood Products, South Paris J PRIVATE
1176 Wisconsin Electric Power Company J PRIVATE
1178 Wisconsin Public Service Corporation J PRIVATE
1197 Yellowstone Energy Ltd Partnership J PRIVATE
1206 Dynecol, Inc J PRIVATE
1208 Environmental Engineering J PRIVATE
0008 Air Quality Consultants, Inc J PRIVATE
0010 Air Sciences Incorporated J PRIVATE
0028 Amerada Hess J PRIVATE
0029 American Colloid J PRIVATE
0031 American Electric Power J PRIVATE
0033 American Natural Gas J PRIVATE
0034 Amoco J PRIVATE
0036 Anaconda Aluminum Company J PRIVATE
0038 Anaconda Minerals Company J PRIVATE
0051 Arco Coal Company J PRIVATE
0057 Armco J PRIVATE
0062 Asarco, Inc J PRIVATE
0063 Ash Grove Cement J PRIVATE
0067 Atlantic Gelatine J PRIVATE
0069 Air Quality Services J PRIVATE
0070 American Municipal Power-Ohio, Inc J PRIVATE
0077 Barkley And Dexter Labs, Inc J PRIVATE
0002 A. E. Staly Company J PRIVATE
0006 Affiliated Environmental Services, Inc J PRIVATE
0088 Bearpaw Energy Inc J PRIVATE
0092 Benham Holway Power Group J PRIVATE
0096 BGI- Billings Generation Incorporated J PRIVATE
0098 Big Rivers Electric Corporation J PRIVATE
0102 Bison Engineering J PRIVATE
0105 Boc Flint J PRIVATE
0106 Boise Cascade Company J PRIVATE
0108 Boliden Resources Inc, T12r8 J PRIVATE
0110 Boston Edison Company J PRIVATE
0112 Bowater Southern Paper Company J PRIVATE
0114 Braun Intertec J PRIVATE
0115 Brc/Rasmussen J PRIVATE
0119 Briess Industries, Inc J PRIVATE
0080 Basic, Inc J PRIVATE
0043 Appalachian Mountain Club J PRIVATE
0133 Burgess & Niple, Limited J PRIVATE
0135 Burns And Mcdonnell Engineering Company J PRIVATE
0139 C.T. Main, Inc, Boston, MA J PRIVATE
0152 Carborundum J PRIVATE
0153 Carter Mining Company J PRIVATE
0082 Batelle J PRIVATE
0083 Bath Iron Works, Bath, Me J PRIVATE
0085 Battelle Northwest Laboratories J PRIVATE
1303 Direccion General De Ecoligia Gobierno del Estado de Baja California Z OTHER
1384 North Central Texas Council of Governments Z OTHER
1180 Wisconsin Winnebago Business Committee Z OTHER
0433 Geneva Lakes Environmental Agency Z OTHER
1387 Enefit Z OTHER
1376 Mountain Studies Institute Z OTHER
1360 City of Frisco L MILITARY
1269 Naval Surface Warfare Center, Crane Division, IN L MILITARY
0682 Metropolitan Health Department/Nashville & Davidson County L MILITARY
1071 United States Army L MILITARY
0127 Brunswick Naval Air Station, Brunswick L MILITARY
0479 Hatteras Naval Facility, United States Navy L MILITARY
0923 Rocky Mountain Arsenol (US Army) L MILITARY
1074 United States Coast Guard L MILITARY
1369 US Army Corps of Engineers L MILITARY
1304 CIRA, Colorado State University K INSTITUTION
1148 Wellesley College K INSTITUTION
1335 Ohio University, Athens,