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Description of basic AQS Codes

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Manual File Name File Type File Size File Date
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AQS User Guide

AQS Users Guide

Pollutant - Comb. which AQS computes Summaries for NAAQS determinations Pollutant Summaries MS Excel 18K 9/17/12
Parameters for which 1/2 MDL SUbstitution is not performed Parameters 1/2 MDL MS Excel 26K 8/20/12
AQS Design Value Report for SO2 AQS Design Value Report (SO2) Adobe Acrobat 539KB 6/08/12

Table A-2 Appendix A to Part 58 Minimum Data Assessment Requirements for SLAMS Sites

App A Table A-2

Adobe Acrobat

36KB 1/12/12
Precision and Accuracy Criteria Pollutant Quality Indicator Summary Extractor (AMP 255) User Guide AMP 255 User Guide Adobe Acrobat 402KB 9/08/10
QA Transactions and Monitor Metadata New Transaction Formats Adobe Acrobat 882KB 5/26/2015
Input Transaction Formats
(Same as AMP501)
AQS Input Transaction Formats v2 17.pdf Adobe Acrobat 108KB 4/25/11
AQS Data Dictionary AQS Data Dictionary v2_28.pdf Adobe Acrobat 2603KB 4/20/11
Loading Data in AQS Loading Data in AQS.pdf Adobe Acrobat 105KB 3/26/12
AQS Data Coding Manual AQS_Data_Coding_Manual.pdf Adobe Acrobat 3906KB 6/8/2015
AQS Discoverer Web User Guide

Covers basics of setup and using Oracle Discoverer with AQS

Chapters 1-3 from AQS Discoverer
(These chapters describe how to set up for using Discoverer and how to create a new workbook.)

Adobe Acrobat 2323KB


AQS Discoverer Items AQS Basic Items in folders with data type and format mask.xls MS Excel 79KB 10/18/07
AQSprod Items in folders with data type and format mask.xls MS Excel 103KB 10/18/07
Discoverer for AQS online training session

  (Grayscale print version of this session, with presenter's notes)
Adobe Acrobat


AQS Data Retrieval Guide AQS Data Retrieval Manual.pdf Adobe Acrobat 1635KB 10/21/05
Quick Reference See AQS Users Guide Appendix A      
Quick Look Work File Formats
(AMP450 & 450NC)
QuickLookWorkfileFmts.pdf Adobe Acrobat 77KB 10/03/03
Raw Data Work File Format
AMP350WF-Raw Data Work File formats.pdf Adobe Acrobat 42KB 10/17/03
Selected AQS Code Descriptions

Selected AQS Code Descriptions

Reference tables from the AQS Query tool



Acronyms & Abbreviations Acronyms & Abbreviations.pdf Adobe Acrobat 55KB 3/23/07
AQS P&A User Guide

AQS P&A Training

AQS P&A Internet Training

AQSPA User Guide.pdf

AQSP&A training.pdf

AQSP&A Genesys Training.zip

Adobe Acrobat

Adobe Acrobat

Zipped PowerPoint







XML Schema for AQS http://www.exchangenetwork.net/data-exchange/air-quality-system/

HTML   1/26/05
AQS Submit Automation Concept of Operations Concept of Operations Submit Automation Adobe Acrobat 527KB 9/21/11

AQS Frequent Questions | Technology Transfer Network | Air & Radiation

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