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2008 Conference Registration

Please register online for the 2008 AQS Conference.  (There is no registration fee.) If you are unable or unwilling to register online, please print this page, complete it and mail or fax it to Bill Frietsche at the address at the bottom of this page.

Note: * Indicates a required field.

*First Name:   MI:
*Last Name:
*Job Title:
*Mailing Address: 
*City: *State:
*Phone: FAX: 
Date of Arrival:
Sun. 8/17 or earlier Mon. 8/18 Tue. 8/19 Wed. 8/20 Thu. 8/21
Date of Departure:
Tue. 8/19 or earlier Wed. 8/20 Thu. 8/21 Fri. 8/22Sat. 8/23 or later
ADA: I have special needs.  (Someone will contact you to discuss your needs.)

  Optional Training Sessions

Training sessions will be offered Monday and Tuesday.  All sessions are "hands-on" except for the "AMP255 / AQS Reports Training", although two people may be sharing a PC.  Computers will be available when hands-on classes are not in session.  Staff will be available in the PC rooms during the entire conference to assist you with individual questions or problems.





1:15-2:45 3:00-4:30 8:30-12:00 1:15-2:45 3:00-4:30

AQS Introduction

 AQS Introduction, continued
Web Discoverer with AQS AQS Precision & Accuracy
Web Discoverer with AQS AQS Precision & Accuracy
    AMP255 / AQS Reports Training
The "AQS Introduction" class is designed for new users, primarily those who will be submitting data to AQS.  It is a full 2-day class with hands-on exercises.  Class size is limited to 40 people.  Please do not register for this class if you have previously attended it.

"Discoverer with AQS" shows how to use the Discoverer web tool from Oracle Corporation to perform ad hoc queries of the AQS database. You will learn how to connect to Discoverer and how to use it to retrieve AQS data, including raw data.  If you've taken an "Intro to Discoverer" session before but have not been using the tool, feel free to register for this session. This same session is offered twice.  Class size is limited to 40 people.

"AQS Precision & Accuracy" shows how to use the Air Quality System Precision & Accuracy Generator (AQSP&A) to create AQS data input transactions for precision and accuracy data.  This same session is offered twice.  Class size is limited to 40 people.

"AMP255 / AQS Reports Training" will help users become familiar with the new precision and bias report being used for data certification. Other reports will also be briefly covered.  Class size is limited to 40 people.

   Wednesday Evening Group Event  

We don't know yet what this will be, but you don't want to miss it! 
I plan to participate in the group event on Wednesday, August 20th.
Yes No Maybe
If yes, please indicate the number of additional, non-conference folks (friends, family, etc.) that also plan to participate in the group event with you:

  Your Badge

Please tell us how you would like your first name, your agency and city information to appear.  Keep in mind that there's not too much room on the badge, so abbreviate when possible. 

First name or nickname:   

(Just the city - in case we'll need to abbreviate.  We have the state.)

Don't forget to book your room at the InterContinental Milwaukee Hotel!  Ask for the block of rooms reserved for EPA's AQS Conference. Please don't wait too long to make your reservations, so that you can get a room at the government rate. The telephone number of the InterContinental Milwaukee hotel is 414-276-8686.

After you press Submit, you should see a window with your registration information as it will be e-mailed to US EPA.  Please be sure your information is correct.

For more information, contact: 
Bill Frietsche
NADG (MD-C339-04)
RTP, NC 27711

Phone:  (919) 541-5451
FAX:      (919) 541-7674
Email: frietsche.bill@epa.gov

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