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2012 Conference Registration


2012 AQS Conference – Paperless and Wireless

This year’s training and general sessions will be different in many ways from those held at previous conferences. In our quest to be more responsible stewards of the environment, we looked for ways in which to reduce the footprint of the event. We are doing this in a number of ways:

1. The event will be paperless. Binders with agendas and presentations will not be handed out when you check in for training or at the start of the conference. Instead, the training materials and general session presentations will be posted to this web site prior to the conference so you can download them to your lap top and have them available, or print them at your office and bring them with you.

2. Bring your own lap top for training. To participate in any of the training classes held Monday through Wednesday, you need to bring your own lap top and ensure it has the following capabilities:

To take the AQS Introduction or Discoverer class, you need the following additional services on your lap top: To take the AQSP&A class, you need the following additional services on your lap top:

We are going wireless for this year’s training and general sessions. As stated above, a wired internet connection will not be available, so please make sure that your lap top has a wireless card and can connect to the internet, and to AQS if you are attending AQS training. Be sure to have MS Excel if you are attending the AQSP&A training. And make sure that you can connect to and run Discoverer if you are attending the Discoverer training classes.


Please register online for the 2012 AQS Conference.  (There is no registration fee.) If you are unable or unwilling to register online, please print this page, complete it and mail or fax it to Michael Hamlin at the address at the bottom of this page.

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Sun. 8/19 or earlier Mon. 8/20 Tue. 8/21 Wed. 8/22 Thu. 8/23
Tue. 8/21 or earlier Wed. 8/22 Thu. 8/23 Fri. 8/24
  ADA: I have special needs. (Someone will contact you to discuss your needs.)


  Optional Training Sessions

Training sessions will be offered all day Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday morning.  All sessions except "How AQS Relates to the Monitoring Program" are "hands-on" with attendees using their own laptops. See above for laptop requirements.

You should verify your laptop's capability prior to the conference; visit our conference page for information.

Monday - Training Day 1

Tuesday - Training Day 2

Wednesday - Training Day 3

8:30 - 10:00

10:15 - 2:45 3:00-4:30 8:30-12:00 1:15-4:30 8:30 - 11:15
AQS Introduction- Retrievals


 AQS Introduction - Load (continued)


Advanced Retrievals


AQS Precision & Accuracy Discoverer with AQS AQS Precision & Accuracy Discoverer with AQS

Advanced Discoverer


How AQS Relates to the Monitoring Program


The "AQS Introduction" class is designed for new users, primarily those who will be submitting data to AQS.  It is a full 2-day class with hands-on exercises.  Class size is limited to 30 people.  Please do not register for this class if you have previously attended it.

"AQS Precision & Accuracy" shows how to use the Air Quality System Precision & Accuracy Generator (AQSP&A) to create AQS data input transactions for precision and accuracy data.  This same session is offered twice.  Class size is limited to 30 people.

"Discoverer with AQS" shows how