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Account Information

Oracle Billing ORC Regional ADP Coordinator  or AQS Contact N/A None Required This account is needed for billing purposes only and must be in place before users can be added to the AQS application.
AQS To access the AQS Application N/A NADG EPA Call Center

1-866-411-4EPA (1-866-411-4372)

8 characters (at least 1 numeric & 1 alpha) and is NOT case sensitive. Must be changed every 90 days. This is the AQS account needed to access the application.
CDX Account used to upload and download data in AQS N/A CDX CDX Technical Support 1-888-890-1995 8 characters (at least 1 numeric & 1 alpha) and is case sensitive. Must be changed every 90 days. This account is needed to load or download data to/from AQS.  Registration form is online.

Here is a brief explanation of the required accounts (per the Office of Environmental Information (OEI) and the National Technology Services Division (NTSD) (also known as the NCC) within OEI for the Air Quality System (AQS) database application. These requirements are the result of the security proceedings, new hardware and new rules that OEI has implemented and we now must follow.

Oracle:  Oracle accounts are required for billing purposes. These accounts allow NTSD (NCC) to track usage and to bill accordingly. No password is associated with this account. Before any user can be added to the AQS application they must have an Oracle account. The hardware code for these accounts is ORC.

The naming convention we recommend so we can better identify AQS Oracle accounts is as follows: AQSOrrssl, where “AQS” identifies the account as Air Quality System, “O” (the letter O) is used for Oracle, and “rrssl” are identifiers for the Region, State, and Local agency. An example for the regions with a state could be AQO10CA1 with ten ("10") being the Region number, CA the state abbreviation and 1 for state/local agency, if necessary. Likewise, AQSO8CO1 would indicate Region 8, state of Colorado, local agency 1. This format makes it easier for NADG to track these accounts and add users to the AQS application. If your agency is not part of the Region/State/Local group of users, use the “rrssl” positions to identify your agency.

AQS:  The AQS account is needed to access the database. Once we have received the completed registration form with appropriate signatures and the signed security form, we (NADG) can add users to the AQS application. The ADP Coordinators will not need to create these accounts since NADG personnel will add the user to the application. Users will be given their password for the application by the EPA Call Center.

CDX:  The Central Data Exchange (CDX) is EPA’s electronic reporting site; a central point which supplements EPA reporting systems by performing new and existing functions for receiving legally acceptable data in various formats, including consolidated and integrated data.  Anyone who wishes to upload or download data to/from AQS must have a CDX account.  To register, go to their web site http://cdx.epa.gov/epa_home.asp and register online.


 ADP Coordinators must do the following:

 • Create ORC Oracle accounts for each agency and assign user Ids to these accounts.

 • Request CDX accounts be created.

EPA Headquarters must do the following:

• NADG: Place users into the AQS application and appropriate profile/screening group(s).

Both the registration form and security form ( https://www.epa.gov/ttn/airs/airsaqs/registration.htm) must be completed and signed by the appropriate personnel.

Note:  A security form must be submitted along with the registration form.  NADG is unable to enter anyone into AQS without the signed security form.

Should there be any questions, please contact the AQS account manager Way Poteat (919) 541-9738, (poteat.way@epa.gov) or anyone on the AQS team.  (Use the "Contact Us" link at the top or bottom of this page for more contact information.)

For password resets or problems with the AQS application please call the EPA Call Center at 1-866-411-4EPA (4372) 6 am to 9:00 pm Eastern Time or e-mail epacallcenter@epa.gov for assistance.

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