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File Compression/Decompression Utilities

Files on the TTNWeb are provided in a variety of different formats for maxium flexibility. Many of the documents are Adobe Acrobat PDF (Portable Document Format) files. Also, many files on the TTNWeb are Zip files. These files are compressed using Zip compression techniques.

Adobe Acrobat Files (PDFs)

PDF files are viewed and printed, with the use of an Adobe Acrobat Reader that is free of charge from Adobe. The Adobe Acrobat Reader is available for Unix, Macintosh, DOS, and Windows operating systems.

Zip Files

Files downloaded from the TTNWeb that are ZIP files must be unzipped (decompressed) before the file (or files) contained in the ZIP can be used.

    Winzip Exit EPA disclaimer is a Zip and Unzip program that Windows users may want to try. This program is not free, but does handle Zip and other compressed formats.
    Pkunzip.exe and pkzip.exe are available here for the DOS user.

Read about TTNWeb File Types for a detailed description and instructions on the use of the various types of files that are available from the TTNWeb.

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