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11th Conference on Air Quality Modeling

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Proposed Rulemaking Information:

On July 14, 2015, the Administrator signed a proposal to revise the Guideline on Air Quality Models. The Guideline provides EPA-recommended models and other techniques, as well as guidance for their use, for predicting ambient concentrations of air pollutants. EPA’s proposed changes would, enhance the formulation and application of the agency’s AERMOD dispersion model, prescribe modeling techniques for secondarily formed fine particle and ozone pollution for single sources and makes various editorial improvements.

EPA will accept comments on the proposal for 90 days through October 27, 2015. All supporting documentation and proposed model code is available through the Docket (ID No. EPA-HQ-OAR-2015-0310) and through this 11th Conference on Air Quality Modeling website.

Conference and Public Hearing Information:

On July 14, 2015, the EPA also announced the 11th Conference on Air Quality Modeling and invited the public to participate in the conference. The conference, mandated by Section 320 of the Clean Air Act, was held on the EPA RTP Campus from August 12th through 13th, 2015. The conference was focused on the proposed revisions to the Guideline on Air Quality Models (CFR Title 40, Part 51, Appendix W) and served as the public hearing for these proposed revisions.

The 11th Conference on Air Quality Modeling began with a morning of EPA presentations providing an overview of the various proposed revisions to the Guideline. The remainder of the conference was dedicated to public presentations that provided comment to the EPA on the proposed rulemaking. All of the presentations are available below. The full transcripts from both days of the conference and public hearing will be made available on this webpage as soon as possible. The presentations along with the transcripts will also be be submitted to the proposed rulemaking docket

Please direct any additional questions concerning the 11th Conference on Air Quality Modeling or related to the proposed rulemaking to Mr. George Bridgers, email: Bridgers.George@epa.gov.

Material for Review and Presentation at the 11th Conference on Air Quality Modeling:

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