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Technology Transfer Network - OAR Policy and Guidance

Memoranda for Stratospheric Ozone (Title VI) Policy & Guidance Memos

Note: EPA no longer updates this information, but it may be useful as a reference or resource. See the latest on Stratospheric Ozone at EPA's Ozone Layer Protection site


From the listing below, find the file you would like to download. The document may be available in one or more file formats, as represented by the icons on the righthand side of the listing. Click on the icon that represents the format you wish to receive.

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File Description

File Date

File Types

8/8/95 Leak Repair under CAA 608 9-14-95 zip file
Comprehensive SNAP lists (as of 7/28/95) 9-6-95 zip file
Final Penalty Policy for Violations of 609 5-18-95 PDF file
Final Penalty Policy for Violations of 608 5-17-95 PDF file
Enforcement Guidance for Section 609 5-5-93 PDF file
Compliance Document for Section 609 5-6-93 PDF file
Definition of "Regulated Air Pollutant" 5-6-93 PDF file
Enforcement Document for Section 610 5-5-93 PDF file

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