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Federal Register Notices for Stratospheric Ozone (Title VI) - Proposed and Final Preambles and Rules

Note: EPA no longer updates this information, but it may be useful as a reference or resource. See the latest on Stratospheric Ozone at EPA's Ozone Layer Protection site


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File Description

File Date

File Types

7/28/95 SNAP Notice of Acc. Substitutes 9-6-95 zip file
6/13/95 SNAP FRM listing restr. substitutes 9-6-95 zip file
Clean Air Act Amendments - Title VI Overview 6-20-95 PDF file
Section 608 Final Rule Summary 6-13-95 txt file
Section 609 MVAC Final Rule Summary 6-13-95 txt file
Section 611 Labeling Final Rule Summary 6-13-95 txt file
Section 612 SNAP Final Rule Summary 6-13-95 txt file
Admin. Changes to Accelerated Phaseout Rule 5-4-95 zip file
Stay of Split System Sales Restriction 5-4-95 PDF file
Direct Final Rule to Extend Refrigeration Reclaim Requirement 5-4-95 PDF file
Proposed Petition Process for Transhipments 5-4-95 PDF file
Proposed Rule for 608: Leak Repair 3-20-95 zip file
Second Notice of Acceptable Subst. under SNAP 2-23-95 zip file
Amendments to Technician Certification 8-25-94 zip file
Amendments to Refrigeration Rule 8-25-94 zip file
Amendments to Phaseout Regularions 8-25-94 zip file
Proposed Stay for Leak Repair 8-25-94 zip file
Final Sig. New Alt. Policy (SNAP) Rule 2-28-94 zip file
Methyl Bromide Baselines (direct final 1-19-94 PDF file
Amendment to Class I Ban (direct final) 1-19-94 PDF file
Final Class II Nonessential Products Ban 1-19-94 zip file
Proposed Labeling Amendment 1-19-94 zip file
Final Strat. Ozone Fed. Procurement Rule 12-10-93 PDF file
Final Accel Phase-Out of Ozone Depleters Rule 12-13-93 zip file
Proposed Class II Nonessential Ban 9-16-93 zip file
Final CFC Recycling Rule 5-4-93 zip file
Proposed CFC Federal Procurement Rule 4-12-93 zip file
CFC Labelling - Final Rule 2-10-93 zip file
CFC Nonessential Product Ban - Final Rule 2-10-93 zip file
Final 2000 phaseout rule, Cl. I,Ozone dep sub 7-30-92 zip file
Final Rule for Servicing Motor Vehicle Air Conditioners: (Does Not Contain Append A and Equipment Certification Form). 7-1-92 zip file
Labelling of Ozone Depleting Products 6-4-92 PDF file
Summary of Title VI Amendments 7-16-91 txt file
Table of Contents Title VI Amendments 7-16-91 txt file
Full Text of Title VI Amendments-WP6 4-5-91 zip file

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