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Technology Transfer Network - OAR Policy and Guidance

Reports for Hazardous Air Pollutants (Title I, Section 112) - Enabling Documents

From the listing below, find the file you would like to download. The document may be available in one or more file formats, as represented by the icons on the righthand side of the listing. Click on the icon that represents the format you wish to receive.

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File Description

File Date

File Types

Assessment of Biofuels as an Alternative to Conventional Fossil Fuels 6-5-02 PDF file
Assessment of Emissions Data and State Permit Information Available for Burning Biofuels Fuels (e.g., Animal Fats and Reclaimed Greases and Oils) 6-5-02 PDF file
General Provisions and Requirements for Control Technology Determinations for Major Sources: MACT Determinations Under Section 112(j) Requirements: Draft Air Toxics Guidelines 3-13-01 PDF file  
Air-Water Interface Work Plan Documents (cover letter, memo, summary and work plan) 2-8-01 PDF file
Pulp and Paper Air Toxics Rule: Questions and Answers, 2nd Vol, March 31, 2000 5-4-00 PDF file
Letter on Pulp and Paper MACT Condensate Averaging Times 11-18-99 PDF file
Technical Support Document for the Evaluation of Aerobic Biological Treatment Units with Multiple Mixing Zones 10-8-99 PDF file
Air Dispersion Modeling of Toxic Pollutants in Urban Areas:Guidance, Methodology and Example Applications 9-29-99 zip file
9-29-99 zip file
Appendix 1
9-29-99 zip file
Appendix 2
Pulp and Paper Air Toxics Rule (NESHAP): Questions and Answers 9-29-99 PDF file
Questions and Answers for Subparts F and G of Part 63 1-12-99 PDF file  
Draft Integrated Urban Air Toxics Strategy 9-1-98 PDF file  
--Fact Sheet 9-1-98 PDF file  
Summary Flow Diagrams of MACT I & III Pulp and Paper Final Rule 3-24-98 PDF file  
Revised Draft Chem Pulping EF Develpment Doc 12-8-97 zip file
Information Pamphlet for the Aerospace NESHAP; subpart GG 10-16-97 PDF file  
Revised Rule Overview Diagram for Gas. Distribution (supercedes 2/14/95 diagram) 9-24-97 PDF file  
Aerospace NESHAP Notification form 6-16-97 PDF file  
Brochure for the Shipbuilding NESHAP 2-13-97 zip file
Implem. guidebook for the Shipbuilding NESHAP 2-13-97 zip file
Summary of Compliance Dates for Promulgated Part 63 MACT Regulations 1-27-97 PDF file  
Guidance Doc for Halogenated Solvent Rule (contains WP6 and PageMaker versions) 11-12-96 zip file
Enabling Doc for NSPS\EG-MSW Landfills 3-7-96 zip file
Appendix for MSW Landfills Enabling Doc 3-7-96 zip file
Guidebook chromium electroplating and anodizing NESHAP 5-18-95 zip file
Enabling Doc./Ethylene Oxide Subpart O 3-6-95 zip file
HON Averaging Assistance Software 2-28-95 zip file
Rule Overview Diagrams on Gas. Distr. 2-14-95 PDF file  
NESHAP Gen. Provision Enabling Document 9-7-94 zip file
HON Timetable 8-23-94 PDF file  
Guidance Document for Section 112j 5-3-94 zip file
Enabling Guidance Document 112(l) 11-17-93 zip file


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