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Dearborn Industrial Generation, LLC

1. Name of the facility

  • Charter Steel - Cleveland Inc

2. Location

  • 4300 East 49th Street
    Cuyahoga Heights, Ohio 44125
    Cuyahoga County

3. Distance from the US/Canada border

  • Approximately 54 km

4. Type/size of the facility

  • Steel Billet Manufacturing

5. Source of emissions

  • Electric Arc Furnace (EAF), 110 TPH capacity, for the melting of scrap steel, Natural gas fired boiler (28.576 MMBTU/hr) providing steam to the VTD, 165 MMBTU/HR billet reheat furnace for the production of heated steel billets at the rolling mill, three Natural gas fired Tundish preheaters (12 MMBTU/hr), Vacuum Tank Degasser (VTD) vessel, 100 TPH capacity, for low carbon steel production and decarburization of the steel, Ladle Metallurgy Furnace (LMF), 110 TPH capacity, for alloy mixing and re-sufurization of molten steel controlled by the melt shop baghouse, and a continuous caster.

6. Type of fuel

  • Natural gas is used for the heaters, boilers, and preheat of the EAF.

7. Type/quantity of mass emission rates (future projected portential

Pollutant  Tons/yr
CO 1627
NOx 232
PM 10 29.0
PM 2.5 24.4
SO2 314
VOC 89.5

8. Emission control technology

  • Electric Arc Furnace - Direct evacuation control (DEC) for capture and control of CO emissions, and a baghouse for control of particulate emissions.
  • Tundish Preheater - Melt shop baghouse
  • Boiler - Low NOx burners
  • Ladle Metallurgy Furnace (LMF) - Melt shop baghouse
  • Continuous caster - Melt shop baghouse

9. Date permit application received

  • January 19, 20The initial application 3/28/2016 and significantly revised applications were submitted on 4/3/2017 and 6/9/2017.16

10. Stack height and diameter

  • Melt Shop Baghouse - stack height: 120 ft; inside diameter: 15 ft
  • Bar Mill - stack height: 60 ft; inside diameter: 10.75 ft
  • VTD Boiler - stack height: 120 ft; inside diameter: 3 ft
  • VTD Stack - stack height: 120 ft; inside diameter: 3.1 ft

11.Permit agency’s contact name, address, telephone number

Mike Hopkins, P.E.
Assistant Chief, Permitting Section, DAPC
Ohio Environmental Protection Agency
Lazarus Government Center
50 West Town Street, Suite 700
P.O. Box 1049
Columbus, OH 43216
(614) 644-3611


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