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Dearborn Industrial Generation, LLC

1. Name of the facility

  • Dearborn Industrial Generation, LLC

2. Location

  • 2400 Miller Road, Dearborn, MI

3. Distance from the US/Canada border

  • Approximately 5 km

4. Type/size of the facility

  • Electrical generation facility that operates three natural gas-fired turbines (approximately 170 MW each), three boilers (output capacity of 500,000 lbs of steam per hour), two open flares (approximate heat input of 480 MM btu/hr and 1292 MM btu/hr), and two diesel fuel-fired emergency generators.

5. Source of emissions

  • Proposing to install one simple-cycle natural gas-fired combustion turbine generator at the facility. The proposed combustion turbine generator will be used for peak loads when demand for electricity is high. The proposed turbine will be rated up to 271 MW.

6. Type of fuel

  • Natural gas

7. Type/quantity of mass emission rates

  • Expected decreases after modification:
  • Expected increases after modification:
    CO 309 tpy
    Nox 412 tpy
    PM 48.9 tpy
    SO2 39.4 tpy
    VOC 45.5 tpy
    PM10 76.4 tpy
    PM2.5 76.4 tpy
    GHG (as CO2e) 1,356,243 tpy

8. Emission control technology

  • NOx - dry low NOx burners and emission limit of 9 ppmv at 15% O2, as NO2.
    CO – limit of 9 ppmv at 15% O2 based on good combustion controls.
    VOC – limit of 0.0021 lb/MMBtu based on good combustion controls.
    PM – PM10 and PM2.5 limit of 0.0066 lb/MMBtu and PM limit of 0.0045 lb/MMBtu based on good combustion practices and natural gas fuel.
    GHG – BACT 1,356,243 (short) tons CO2e per year on a 12-month rolling average based on natural gas and good combustion practices.

9. Date permit application received

  • January 19, 2016

10. Stack height and diameter

  • Height - 60 ft (18 m)
    Diameter – 224 in (567 cm)

11.Permit agency’s contact name, address, telephone number

Annette Switzer
Acting Permit Supervisor
Michigan Department of Environmental Quality
525 West Allegan St.
P.O. Box 30473
Lansing, MI  48909
800 662-9278


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